Are vaccine mandates legal? Calgary lawyer Derek From shares his insight
We joined Calgary lawyer Derek From to discuss his work on our initiative.

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Written by Rebel News


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  1. nova scotia's conservative govt is following this facist campaign to take away our Canadian Charter & Nuremburg Code rights & freedoms as they found a loophole thru public health & safety bueaucracy. woe is us….1984 is coming.

  2. how does Derek not know what the "rules" are or are not? he can't anticipate what? if law changes, should he not know? be informed? should he not at least stay on top of it for crying out loud! as it pertains to his job!? why is he waiting for it to come to him? go and look Derek! at least you know where! I dont have a damn clue!

  3. so basically Derek is saying the rules haven't changed, but he anticipates they will, so he'll sit and wait til they do? so if I would've sought out his help August 31 when nurses were first told by AHS your effed, it would've been a Derek that could've argued the law?
    or….how long have you seen them "scrubbing" the law Derek?
    when good men fail to act Derek. I know that's a misquote, but you get the idea.

  4. So guys, rumors has it Turdeau will be changing legislation real quick, and it will be a done deal by then end of November. Dont say it can't happen, Derek here doesn't even believe anything is linear in the law anymore. By the end of November, Canada will no longer exist as it used to.
    My question is this, if what was once set in stone and kept the peace is constantly being manipulated, changed, perverted, and "goal posts" are continually moved for ONE man, why would anyone continue to think that these "laws" govern or apply to them? what would that look like? no rules, they mean nothing;)
    They will be as good as the toilet tissues they're written on, and just as easily disposes of.
    Goodnight Canada, the Canada i used to love and know. Farewell.

  5. Waccine are clearly not working. This is mafia style gowermment scam to get kickbacks from certain pharma company. All waccinated people are nothing but gowermment tools to whip Canadians.

  6. Cant stand this guy Trudeau. he exudes a discernible lack of credibility. I guess he talks like this because he thinks everyone is credulous ans easily fooled. He could be correct but I wouldnt want him as my neighbor never mind Prime Minister.
    Keep up the good work

  7. “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized… If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance — you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” – Ian Watson

  8. Nuremberg 2.0
    Time to arrest those pushing this manufactured COVID pandemic and their COVID "vax" which is called a bioweapon by expert medical doctors. NO VAX PASSPORT and NO to mask, which is ineffectual, mandates. And any company mandating a "vax" will be held liable and culpable for the effects of this bioweapon. Arrest globalist red flag commie Trudeau who is nothing more than a treasonous nation wrecker and murderer of humanity. GITMO Trudeau the POS.

  9. They seem to be planning for next year without knowing if it will be needed this is going to continue and eventually they won’t even bother making up excuses reality will simply be whatever they dictate

  10. Lies lies lies yaaaa to quote "The Thompson Twins" liars one and all wake up sheeple wake up! 😒 the Ontario goverment lied and the federal government liec to us all and believe they have tbe right to stop Canadians from lawful travel, shameful😒

  11. Justin Trudeau will have his slimey little soul ripped from his body by the demons he thinks are his buddies…….they will torment him and all of their friends for ALL OF ETERNITY… front of the throne of God.

  12. (From US) I love seeing the "Don't Tread" flag flying in Canda. It is the banner of freedom and the revolutionary spirit for all. Here's quote to go with it.
    When the People fear the government, it is Tryanny.
    When the government fear the People, it is Liberty.
    (Thomas Jefferson 1776)

  13. We need Justin out this is not right forceing a jab to anyone never had this for the other viruses this is crazy mandates and pass ports get real my family don't kneel for a government we kneel for our God only we need this off the table for everyone

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