Are Victorians on edge? How much damage has Dan done?

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. 3 things you should avoid doing:
    – kidnap Liam Neeson’s daughter
    – kill John wick’s dog
    – lockup 6.5 million Victorian and drive them into mental illness

  2. Has Dan considered how unlikely it is that he, his family and colleagues, are going to be able to move freely in public without security, FOR EVER?
    Do they not comprehend the social and financial destruction their insane measures have inflicted and how dangerous people with nothing left to lose actually are?
    He is either drunk with power or just a moron.
    Edit- so I just see below plenty of others concur.
    And at first I did not realise just how panicked Bretty boy was. God, I hope it went to air.

  3. He fell down the stairs and was off the tv for 120 days and when he came back on tv he had stairs as a backdrop for a month.. there were rumours he didnt fall but he was bashed for interfering with a minor 👿

  4. Crimes against humanity by the Victorian Premier.. please wake up Australia and to world leaders put sanctions on the Australian Politicians and block their accounts

  5. Hes next on the chopping block government heads are going to roll over the prison camp style mistreatment of australians gladymir putin is gone danile hitler is next