Are We On the Brink of War?

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Former Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes that the United States is on the brink of war with both Russia and China due to poor policy decisions. Henry Kissinger articulates precisely the view of Russia/Ukraine that I’ve been stating on air for months (and for which I’ve been smeared as a Putin apologist).

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Written by Michael Knowles


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  1. Not sure who is saying you're crazy for thinking we could be close to war with China or Russia, or both. Many people have been saying that for months now, if not even close to a year. One prominent name I can think of who has mentioned this 6+ months ago is Tim Pool…

  2. Henry Kissinger is the Neville Chamberlain of WW3. By doing nothing when the rogue powers Russia and China annex portions of their neighbors like Ukraine, Georgia, Tibet and Taiwan, they only embolden them to take even more…ensuring a war like response. And, for some reason, Michael Knowles is proud to be a part of that. Appeasement doesn't work on criminals.

  3. With the current state of the US, I don't believe we would be able to win a war against China alone. Russia allied with China is guaranteed end of US. EU will be steam rolled.

  4. I agree that we are on the brink of war…
    A war within!
    I think the reasonable people have had enough of the unreasonable people, and hopefully they will stand up and say "enough is enough"
    And when this happens, it's not going to be because of any President, Senator, party, etc…
    It's going to be…

  5. I can definitely tell ya. Being in the Marine Corps you can tell the difference between a decent person and some of those outside the Marines. I'm glad I'm a marine instead of going to college. I would've been getting into fights or kicked out for my beliefs lol. The other day my CO mentioned the policy the FBI pushed out on terrorism. We all laughed. Most Marines would be put on that list. We are more extreme just because we are patriotic. That's what it's coming down too. Don't falter and stand strong guys.

  6. I agree. Nancy Pelosi is no different than Hillary Clinton. NATO and USA helped to escalate this war. I also think that the liberals were using the Ukraine to launder money thru them.

  7. I would say you are on the brink of civil war more than war with China/Russia. The relationship between the two groups in the US right now is untenable.

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