Are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid? Which is it? asks Neil Oliver

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  1. The American candy shops aren’t real shops . They’re money laundering outfits . You of course know this but perhaps that’s just another thing we’re all supposed to pretend isn’t going on .

  2. Logically, 50% of us are below average intelligence. Somewhere between 1-3% of us would not be able to function in mainstream society. So some of us are a bit dim, but nowhere near the pitch of public health information. If the vaccine is killing people then it wasn't tested properly. There's enough data out there now, since it's been given to so many people, to take note of "mysterious" reactions to the vaccine. There are clear reasons why medicines are never tested this way, and the Government should acknowledge that and at least stop making the situation worse by denying the problems.

  3. The answer is yes. In the pursuing months of the outbreak, in early 2020, Fauci and his minions stood up before the nation and told outright lies that, sometimes within the span of a couple of days, contradicted themselves. Why dare to be so brazenly obvious, I wondered. I think the answer is to find out how gullible we, the people, really are. (I cheated in that I have insider information. I'm an RN, and I worked with patients on ventilators for years. I also know enough about virology and vaccines to at least question the narrative.)

  4. Let's get this straight. Oliver says murderous pharmacists took saline instead of their poison jabs. But he can't get his head around A FAKE PANDEMIC? Either 1) He's chicken. 2) He's a government stooge trying to cover for the POPISH CRIMINALS

  5. Again Neil is talking not only common sense , and the truth. We all need to stand up and fight this modern day woke politically correct rubbish .If politicians aren’t standing up for common sense we must . Start our own political party and call it. Truth and common sense party .

  6. Yes we are being treated like we are stupid because the majority of people are woke Zombies.
    I am deep down angry at how my friends and neighbors have let the Nazi style Trudeau government here in Canada take away my Rights and Freedom to travel on trains and planes. We are being held captive until we comply and the support we have received from our woke community has been zero. The silence of our friends has been deafening!

  7. We have been accused of being conspiracy theorists ! But all we have done is to try and find out the truth about these vaccines ! We have not been vaccinated and will continue to be vaccine free, even though we have had huge pressure from family to do so ! A few of our family now admit that they should not have had the jab after one family member has had heart problems since !

  8. I am completely in agreement with Neil Oliver, he is a lovely man. As a concerned woman, wife and mum of two daughters, I have a lot of common sense. I have constantly questioned the main stream narrative over the past two years along with many others and have been vilified for going against the vast one sided propaganda push that many have just accepted. I find Neil's videos heartfelt and relatable. He is absolutely spot on as usual, seeking the truth.
    So called conspiracy theories it turns out have been spoiler alerts over and over again!

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