Are we vaccine drunk? (from Livestream Q&A #106)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #106 (originally streamed live on November 27, 2021):


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  1. Our vet has backed off on many vaccines that had been given yearly. Rabies vaccines are given, of course, but for cats she's not recommending the FVRCP, FIV, FHV shots yearly. My cat has had her shots as a kitten and then year-old boosters and both times when the shots were given to her at one visit she had a difficult reaction and as the person who wrote to you mentioned she was not well for two days after. I'll never again have all her shots given at one time and instead spread them out over seperated visits. She's an inside/outside cat but it seems that she'd build up immunity to the diseases eventually. Thanks for this information.

  2. My 14 year old cat was on her death bed. I tried the vet recommended foods and meds to no avail. Finally, I switched her to a raw diet developed by a holistic vet company and it's a miracle. She's turning around. All of the traditional vets warned me against a raw diet. I get no money from the company, but they're called Darwin's Pets. They have a great raw food trial for cats and dogs.

  3. From 30-odd years of having cats around, other than the normal start-up vaccinations….there are none coming after that batch. It's a waste of time and just puts more stress on a cat to visit a vet.

  4. Here in California, many of the “corporate” vets will not take in your animal for any procedures because of the legal issues regarding your pet biting or attacking the vet assistants or doctors. Yet every time I would explain to my vet that my cats are indoor, they didn’t interact with other animals, yadda yadda, still…. First 10 years they only had their boosters from initial birth, after relocating to Orange County and having to find a new vet, every single one of them would utilize this “law” in order to make sure that your animal is “safe to handle”. Ridiculous. Thankfully my cats Oliver and Miles lived a long 20 years each. Oliver succumbed to a hyperactive thyroid and excessive amount of meds to keep him calm and “pain free” in the end. Poor Miles was accidentally “over medicated” in an over aggressive dental procedure that left him in shock for 10 brutal days before he passed. I will never forgive the vet that killed him. He still had many good years as the vet assured me on the phone prior to his operation. His passing left a very deep, dark, pit in my heart. It makes it difficult to think that I could ever take on another animal knowing that in order to keep them “safe and healthy” requires a willingness to flaunt lawlessness. Not that I don’t already know that everything is legislated this way to criminalize “life” to fullest monetization value.

  5. My dogs are my kids, and recently I researched the annual vaccines that I had been subjecting them to. I was horrified. Our Brittany had gotten Lyme disease as a puppy before she was allowed outside to be exposed to a tick, and was diagnosed shortly after getting the Lyme "vaccine" – interesting, right? This delayed her spay operation until it no longer gave her the protection that justified the operation, I later learned. Most of the annual canine vaccines are for illnesses they would never be exposed to, and many were known to cause health problems. Add to that my cat, who was never sick a day in her life until she passed away at age 17, who had never been to a vet since her kitten shots. Never thought I'd be an "anti-vaxer" (for humans and pets no less), but the red pills just keep coming!

  6. wow, I have never even heard of annual vaccinations for dogs and cats. Veterinary care and medications are super expensive now and some clinics are understaffed. I drive from Olympia to Seattle to see a vet that specializes in rats. I do it because she is fantastic. vet care for pet rats is expensive, they have more health problems than humans.

  7. My beloved cat was given to me when he was a tiny kitten, when he was old enough I took him to get his shots, he wasn’t himself afterwards for a few days but it was no big deal, I was just concerned about Distemper & Feline leukemia…I never got him any other shots for the rest of his 22 year life in which he was the healthiest, happiest, indoor/outdoor Tuxedo cat ever. Maybe I just got lucky but I think healthy grain free diet, no table scraps & lots of playtime was the recipe for my healthy cat, I miss him every day.

  8. Yes, pet food not ideal 4 cats. They are obligate carnivores, and KF is full of carbs. Our vet says cats need carbs, in nature they eat prey stomachs. Not convinced. Our cat likes all the raw he can get.

  9. I hv 4 cats. No vaccinations at all for any of them. All healthy & happy, praise God. I make raw diet for them. Its a big job every morning & evening, thawing, heating etc… but its worth it for my beautiful babies.

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