Are Worldwide BREAD RIOTS Already Here? | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar are joined by commodity markets expert Rupert Russell to better understand the coming food crisis caused by destruction in Ukraine and the beginnings of bread riots across the world

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Rupert Russell:

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  1. Amazing !! putting India in the same league as Sri Lanka Argentina etc who are facing shortages is another level of misinformation. India is supplying wheat to countries based on government to government arrangement

  2. Not all countries in the ME will be suffering especially countries like mine where oil prices being up is really good for the economy and somewhat counters food prices rising.

  3. If you have any yard space with 6-8 hours of sunlight exposure, plant a garden. In my community I am working with others to get a Victory Garden-like program going to help people raise at least part of their own produce needs. My local United Way is giving away garden starter kits with seeds and seedlings. In WW II home and community Victory Gardens provided most of the domestic produce needs, freeing up the commercial production for the troops and foreign aid. Start a garden to help feed your garden and neighbors.

  4. Vertical farming would have solved this problem long ago, it's not like OLED lighting and climate change hasn't been around for awhile now. Profit from suffering, people will starve but as long as corporate monopolies profit is protected that's ok.

  5. Breaking Points is still pushing the lie that Russia is blocking the grain when it’s been debunked. Ukraine is the one keeping to grain to hold it as a bargaining chip for military intervention from the West.

  6. Yeah many people are investing in commodity market to hedge against market crash because of inflation and that's feeding the inflation. People are so stupid they don't see they are causing the problem.

  7. Dumping the use of corn based ethanol requirements and switching the US farm acreage to food grains would make up much of the loss of Ukraine’s grain. Crazy food prices and famine could be averted, but what’s a few hundred million hungry children.

  8. Why does Breaking Points keep putting the longer and longer endings? Is it just for time engagement for the algorithm? Is that still even effective if it causes many people to click off 3 minutes before the ending?

  9. This is nonsense.
    As long as you hire people to do your research for you, you will be tools.
    Russia just opened up ANOTHER port to allow Ukrainian grain onto the market.
    Once again, it is Western sanctions causing shortages.
    This is just partisan nonsense.
    You claim you don't indulge in partisan nonsense, but then you hire people to do it for you.
    You two are embarrassing.

  10. Great interview guys, but I have two questions: 1) How sure are we about the chain of causation? Ie: Does the commodity price fluctuations cause the civil unrest, or does the civil unrest cause the price fluctuation (We all know correlation does not equal causation). And 2) Rupert states that while Ukraine and Russia account for 45% of global wheat exports, they only account for 0.9% of production – So why does so much wheat go through their ports? Very interesting perspective to get nonetheless! Well done 👍

  11. I remeber this. "We know that heavy breathing causes crime because we were watching criminals in court and they were all breathing heavily!" Commodity prices lead to destabilization like that

  12. Civil unrest was already happening in response to the mandates. This whole mess has been engineered and carefully orchestrated by those who are gathering in Davos. We are being sold out by our “elected” officials. The food shortages are going to be the next weapon they use against us.

  13. Saagar, I don't remember you expressing concern for the Syrians when we were destroying their wheat fields specifically to starve them into submission. It never seems to amaze me how hypocritical even the self proclaimed independent media personalities can be.

  14. In Norway, most bread already typically costs 30-35NOK for a loaf of 600-800g, say $3-4 for 1,5lbs of bread. And the right leaning (in Scandinavian context, which would be slightly to the right of where Bernie is) parties that were in power shut down our strategic grain storage sites just a few years ago because they "cost to much and we haven't used them in forever". So i guess we may get significantly more expensive bread later this year.
    And also they built trans-oceanic power cables to continental Europe to export hydropower during peak loads when renewables are low in Europe and import when there is a renewable surplus, but in practice has just been pure net export from a market that was traditionally always over-supplied with power at something like 3-4 cents per KWh. Now power costs 20-30 cents per KWh, which is still a bit better than for example Germany at the moment, but coupled with high gass prices and imported inflation (due to supply constraints from the shipping industry and foreign production) it's squeezing those who don't have much and eating into the budgets of those who are normally OK off.

  15. @5:00 Wrong. The prices of commodities had been increasing for months before Putin invaded Ukraine.

    Grain. Gas. Lumbar. Steel. ALL were going up in 2021.
    There are components my company uses in their products which have MORE than DOUBLED in price since Jan 2021.

  16. 6:39 – Why are they laughing? Aren’t these guys watching and reviewing their stuff back?Yes I noticed his stutter and it’s a bit distracting then I thought you know what good on him for not letting that stop him from speaking publicly – hell – internationally on serious matters / his research. They may Very well be laughing at a meme or something on their end but it doesn’t look good as it coincides exactly where he stammers majorly and why aren’t they paying attention to him. A clarification and apology is needed. It’s ableist too.

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