‘Are You Aware Of… Hunter’s Art Dealings?’: GOP Lawmakers Target Hunter Biden | 2021 Rewind

At multiple hearings and in speeches, Republican lawmakers repeatedly took aim at President Biden’s son Hunter Biden over his art dealings and other controversies.

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  1. Hunter Biden and his father Joe are 2 of the worst perverts to be associated with the White house since Hilary and Bill skanked up the place. Call for fumigation. Biden is a paid Chinese puppet who had the nerve to say :" China isn't going to eat our lunch." Garland is another one who is in it for the money on the CRT scam to poison the minds of our children. Disgusting!

  2. Hey I got a bag of straws and some canvas starting to make paintings and see how much I make, maybe it will come a very profitable art, soon I’ll post them on eBay

  3. I guess this is some sort of tit-for-tat on Trump's numerous conflicts of interest ridden business ventures; hotels, golf courses, travel paclages, licensing deals in the U.S. & abroad.

  4. "What he's learned from the media." In other words, CNN and the New York Times. Pathetic and scary – that the people who run this country are brainwashed by the Marxists who run "the media."

  5. He seems to be "not familiar" with a LOT of what has been broadcast widely ….what's going on? Is he being isolated from the internet and just relying on the lying MSM? Much of what he says is surface logic and the more he diverts; the more he pontificates on generalities, the more his voice fails. At this rate he won't have a voice at all.

  6. So he just called all semi-auto guns an assault weapon. There is no such thing as a assault weapon, assault is a verb, a gun is a noun.

    Democrats call these types of guns weapons of war, ALL GUNS have been used in war, even flint locks.

    Ghost guns another made up word or description, it was started by Democrats to make guns with no serial numbers scary. Boo.

    All these made up words are an attack on our rights, that is all they are.

  7. This month, the Dutch Gov. Decided they will pay 150milion for a painting that is in the hands of the Rothschilds. This in the middle of the pandemic.
    Hear who wants to hear

  8. Mom sorry I'm not going to forward this Ben joy job not me this not right u guys are Rong I'm not one showing my sepina for vote no this not I'm asking u guys about I'm asking my own money that ur people take from me that I always asking president about it and he want me to do my duty job to America people this not right this Guy new wat is going this election

  9. I'm not bad person doing this duty job to America people ask my family about it Thay new wat is going on yes I'm mad to my family people Thay don't live me alone at my house Thay still watching in my house

  10. Sorry that I was mad to them thay keep coming to my place with airplane and drown to shoot me in my house and taking but my puicur on line make president can't give me my money that there one take it from me this Tru I'm telling u guys

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