Are You Clean or Unclean?

“that clip shows you the kind of prejudice that people fall under when they have this idea of a distinction between clean and unclean [people]”.

This is a segment from a special episode of The People’s Project with Stanford’s Professor Jay Bhattacharya:

Written by Discernable


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  1. This sounds a lot like the "protection" policies of the 1930's. For shame Mr Gunner. For Shame. What a microcosm of co-opting Aboriginality to suite an Agenda of the elites. Look it up, being "aboriginal" according to the Government, on the Commonwealth website is simply a matter of identifying as "aboriginal"

  2. Without any exaggeration, it is indeed utterly horrifying that we have elected officials with this sort of crazed authoritarian ideology, and this sort of power in this country. This nut would be capable of the very worst, without any doubt in my mind. This man has shown he is incapable of reasonable thought, and it is a godsend that he is gone now. To think about our taxes pay for this maniacs pension enrages me..

  3. As a Goreng Goreng / Bundjalung Aboriginal woman who refused this injection – eye am glad to have stood my ground. Eye don’t give any credence to man’s authoritative and coercive BS. Creator is the ONLY form of power over me and eye choose what goes into my body.

    We’ve had ENOUGH democide in this colony.

  4. The guy was a flat out nut job, it wasn't just what he said , it was how he delivered it, the look in his eye, the strident tone of his voice, methinks he would be at home wearing jackboots and a brown shirt, hearding we the unclean into the chamber.

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