Are You DISGUSTED By This?! Marine’s VIRAL Video Gets Him Sacked

Stuart Scheller, a US Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who posted a video demanding accountability from military leaders over Afghanistan has been relieved of his duties and will leave US service
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Clip from my Under The Skin interview with Ex Navy SEAL Jocko Willink:

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The military never failed in Afghanistan, in fact, if you want the REAL TALK, the US military didn't lose in Vietnam either. In BOTH cases, Afghanistan AND Vietnam it was a failure of the diplomats, the politicians, the economists all the people whose duty it was to explain to the people of the country in question how they would be better off in a capitalist democracy. I disagree firmly with Russell Brand's anti-capitalism talk since, even given our OBJECTIVELY OBVIOUS problems in the West we EQUALLY OBVIOUSLY have life better than people who have tried communism or really any other political system (not perfect but the least bad system tried so far). And it really shouldn't be SO RIDICULOUSLY HARD to just explain to the people of Afghanistan that they would be better off in a capitalist democracy with human rights than living under the Taliban with women treated like property and basic rights trampled underfoot, not to mention economic impoverishment. But somehow the higher ups in the US diplomatic and political spectrum managed to bungle things so badly, and completely ignore the almost hilarious amounts of corruption in the Afghan government (fun fact: the Afghan army collapsed so quickly because by the time the Taliban were advancing over the summer the army HADN'T BEEN PAID FOR AT LEAST TWO MONTHS that is like stuff politicians learned not to do in ancient Rome, guys always pay the army FIRST) that the people of Afghanistan looked at the Taliban and thought "Yeah, alright, let them have another go at it, maybe they'll be a little nicer when they rape my wife and daughters this time round." WTF. And the fact that both Vietnam and Afghanistan get called "wars we lost" as if there was ever a single point at which the US military was defeated. The Taliban hid in the walls like cockroaches until the US military had pulled out and ONLY THEN moved to take over the country. That should be evidence enough at how little the soldiers "lost" the war.

  2. Our military is a joke anymore unfortunately.. I joined the Marines at 17 because I loved this country.. but I was in for a rude awakening. Everything I believed was a lie and I will never have faith in the US Government ever again

  3. Thank you Stuart GOD Bless you mate 🙏 Time to make a stand people or all those life's both sides will be in vain… Global Deletes want a war thay will need to send there own KID'S little goat's..

  4. No one joins the military for selfish reasons, because there are no selfish reasons. "Thank you for your service" is just that — you're thanking them for doing a job fewer and fewer people are willing to do, on behalf of the country we all live in. Without them, our sons and daughters would be subject to mandatory conscription (countries like Norway, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Israel…). Actually, I'd like mandatory conscription, because I guarantee we'd spend less time invading countries if everyone's children had to go.

  5. Learn how to kill and follow orders switching off the conscience, that's what make a good soldier. Army is a good place for psycopaths. For the others, PTSD.

  6. It's obvious that his message and experience are worth the praise of so many of us, but the UCMJ is pretty clear about this stuff. You can't call out superiors like that. Then to do it on social media? Of course he gets canned. We can't even talk badly in public about politicians or their shit policies. We're not ordinary citizens with the same freedoms.

  7. No I’m not disgusted by this video. What I am disgusted by how the fuck does the masses still think they live on a big fucking wobbly cannonball flying through a fucking vacuum …laughing fucking face

  8. We all need grounding at this point, and it's long over due.
    A flag is a symbol of government, it means nothing, it's a tool.
    Unpopular opinion…Patriotism is government fanaticism, you SHOULD love your country, you SHOULD love your people already, why do we need symbolism? Who benefits from it?

    We fight for our people, our country. NOT the government.
    Symbols are tools, actions and dignity are ALL.

  9. I was in the military for 10 years. The idea of it is awesome. And the Brotherhood amongst your unit is real. ……but. After a while. You start seeing the reality of it. It’s all just politics and economics. It’s got Nothing to do with defending and serving your country. It’s all to do with global international money.

  10. I work in government. And I can tell you from experience the leadership is so Flawed. That It seems from the inside I'd that every decision made maid is made for nefarious reasons nothing is made for moral reasons or for the troops. It is a money making scheme hidden behind the veil of patriotism and duty.

  11. Honestly our best hope is that the rank and file of the military get so pissed at dying for corporate profits that they continue to do the same as Scheller, and if they will not be heard by their senior officers and the US government won't step in the make things right, then they should overthrow their corrupt leadership.

  12. IF you are in the Military you are supposed to keep a low profile.. Its understood. This guy knew the consequences of his actions, Russel Brand is just a cry baby begging for clicks… This channel is dying as it should. Spend your time doing something else folks!

  13. These stooges and kllr were backstbbd and were angry that their freeloading and contract kllngs (of women and children) would end. So, just sacking is very small punishment for their crimes….

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