ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! You Won’t Believe Who Got It…

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! You Won’t Believe Who Got It…

This video reveals who just got it, as well as the larger truth about the current global situation.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. “Via Wikipedia) Omicron: “The word literally means "little O" (o mikron) as opposed to "great O" (ō mega).”. Should we expect a more potent version in the future called “Omega”?
    I saw a video the other day where the letters in omicron were rearranged into “moronic”. lol

  2. Make it mandatory how ? for example if you take all your cash out of the bank and just say your a homeless bum then how can they get blood from a stone ? also throw away the smartphone then they cant keep tabs on you , go back to the good old dumbphone

  3. I got covid positive Monday from some jackass that showed up sick to BJJ 2 days before and didnt say anything. I did monoclonal antibody treatment tuesday and took quercetin 500mg zinc 50mg, vitamin C and D high dose, NAC, and tylenol for my fever. Also aspirin for body aches that went away day 3. Felt better yesterday (day 4) now day 5 and I'm feeling almost 100 percent.

  4. I swear the Revolution will be triggered by some random event like censoring cats online

    This will round up all the nonsense of this senseless Drama show and ends it still with a happy, but open, end to the main storyline

    Cause the people didnt wake up until the end.
    But fought tyranny. Unknowingly what was about to come for them. Just for some random cat videos.

    That would fit so perfectly with the plot and also would fight the elites with their own weapons – the ignorance of the masses

    Some crazy genius step forward and make censored cats a subtle movement like BLM but with intentions for true freedom behind the creators of the movement

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