Are you suffering from “White Fragility”?

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. Get this. A female black police officer in the Uk says she traumatized by one of her colleagues (A cop in Minnesota) killing someone in her community ( A black man in Minnesota). The world has gone insane.

  2. the thesis of white fragility i believe is that whites experience discomfort and even become defensive when talking about race. This sounds right to me. I'm just speaking about American whites of course – not sure about other countries.

  3. I should read this White Fragility book to investigate the boogeyman. I read an infamous paper about white fragility a while ago. As Michael Tracy says happens in the book, the logic was also circular.

    It's interesting that the author claims that white Progressives do the most harm against racism. That almost seems true to me. But also, apparently only white people can defeat racism? That sounds kind of racist. And it's honestly not surprising at all that one aspect of the argument in this book is the exact same one that white supremacists make. This is that white people should form a white identity and collective consciousness.

  4. It's called a rally.
    rally noun

    plural rallies

    Definition of rally (Entry 2 of 3)

    1a: a mustering of scattered forces to renew an effort

    b: a summoning up of strength or courage after weakness or dejection

    c: a recovery of price after a decline

    d: a renewed offensive

    2: a mass meeting intended to arouse group enthusiasm

  5. DiAngelo is of course right that white people should have an identity. Where she goes wrong is what the contents of that identity ought to be. Her aim is to instill a deep sense of guilt, which will render the individual white person a helpless creature.

  6. Peggy McIntoshe's "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" was an academic essay from the late 1980's which effectively kicked off what is now known as "Intersectional Social Justice" "Intersectional Feminism" etc… "White Fragility" is mostly a constructed response from academia as an attempt to deal with skepticism towards the "Anti Whiteness" ideologies rising up within the "Social Justice" academia much like a response to the "conventinally" definition of terms like Racism have been redefined to effectively cover their ass, in cases where the Social Justice "Theory" has apparently become, itself, Racist, basically they pull the rug out by redefining "Racism" into what would normally be defined as "Institutional Racism" while ignoring the original meaning that would allow for ANYONE of ANY Race to be "Racist" i.e. only "Whites" can be Racist.

  7. A decent critique of Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility" is Helen Plukrose's & James Lindsay's "Cynical Theories : How Actavist Scholorship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity – and Why This Harms Everybody"

    I effectively believe "White Fragility" is a constructed thing, we cannot read peoples minds whomever they are, even implicit bias training & like IS BS, Academia HAS been CORRUPTED by the likes of "Intersectional Social Justice" to the point of turning it's Eye of Sauron on Hard Sciences itself! I do consider Robin DeAngelo is a bad actor & or minimally a poor actor she is attempting to create a sort of wanting hallucination.

  8. People that self identify as racist are somehow less racist than people that aren’t racist that don’t identify as racist

  9. Michael always looks like he just rolled out of bed after a week long bender. That’s the guy I want my news from.

  10. Why would protest leaders give up their hard fought 'air time' at the mic to politicians? Does anyone think these poor wallflowers in power lack megaphones to get their message out? Really?

  11. Here' a suggestion for you or one of your investigative journalist buddies, Michael. Someone should investigate the reports of the insurance claim adjusters sent in to investigate the so-called looting and riot destruction. Cause these people are experts at sniffing out owner orchestrated destruction for insurance fraud purposes and they wouldn't be easily fooled. My case in point is the pile of bricks inexplicably left on a street corner, unwrapped like an enticing point of purchase display, with no construction site anywhere is sight. Things that make you go hmmmm. It could have easily been the police entrapping protestors into violence, or it could be someone hoping to trigger cover for arson. Certainly some of the destruction of the rioting was organic, but most certainly some was opportunistic owners looking to torch their own businesses and very cleverly took advantage of the cover offered by this upheaval. Anyway, the insurance companies would know and frankly the public deserves to know what percentage was legit rage run amok and what was just plain fraud.

  12. Wow. You are such an edgy contrarian. Your reporting has gotten really s*** during quarantine. I get it. White people guilt is lame and it's easy to make fun of. Bravo.

  13. You remember McRevolution, surely?
    Meet McRiot, trailing along the McProtests.
    Soros & Associates have got this DOWN, man! Practice in the outskirts until you’re ready for Broadway— USA.

  14. Interesting about protests and even riots in smaller towns–very under reported. Also, Tracey mentioned in a tweet that rioting damage was being underplayed in the media. That also seems to be the case especially as it relates to locally owned businesses. Big named brands are mentioned but not businesses like local bicycle shops and even small mom and pop restaurants. Beginning to look like what we know of the protests and riots is like the proverbial task of asking blind people to identify an elephant by only touching one part of his body.

  15. White fragility is real, the scare quotes are cringe. Just because D'Angelo is a compromised messenger doesn't mean that this concept isn't real and important. If you haven't actually seen a white person fall into hysterics over discussions of racism and suggestions that they might hold racist beliefs/be a racist, then BRANCH OUT A BIT. This contrarian campaign against anti-racist talking points is getting old.

  16. sure sounds like she’s proclaiming religious doctrine. I’m sure you know John Mcwhorter and Glenn Loury. If not check them quick, fast in a hurry. Sam Harris actually referenced them in his latest podcast which i recommend as well.

  17. It’s the birth of a secular religion playing out on a massive scale. It’s performance art by straight up marxists. They’re damaged, sick and dangerous. The red guard has nothing on these freaks.

  18. Deangelo was involved with the promotion of the post truth anti reality and frankly psychotic ideology behind the insurrection of irrational power hungry students at evergreen college that has destroyed that institution after first driving out the science faculty.

  19. Ya think a book titled “Black Stupidity” would be on Amazon’s list? So WTF is this BS “White Fragility?” Was Einstein “fragile?” Or the Wright Brothers? Or Copernicus? Plato? Neil Armstrong? Soldiers fighting in the Battle of the Bulge?

    What da eff has happened to Caucasians that all of a sudden, they’ve become so wussified?

    I’ll tell ya what happened: the Demo/Femo/Wussy-crats got y’all addicted to TV, and now y’all are afraid of your own shadow.

    …… with love, from a Black man tellin’ y’all to WAKE DA EFF UP! ??????

  20. White fragile blather sounds like the "choice" given to the saps by televangelists that say , "there's only two choices: burn in hell for ever or accept JC as Lord and Savior as I your leader define it for you." You know, accept whiteness my way or prove your whiteness by resisting my all powerful message as I say unto thee, ye whitee heathen. It totally works sometimes on some people too – incredibly. There are no other possibilities for these people because they were just told ithere were only just these two choices, and it's too late to question it after you already heard it. No way there could be a 3rd possibility that the grand theologian in these kind of cases is just babbling nonsense and munching a big fat horseshit sandwich. Isn't it the same exact televangelist hook.? I swear I smell the same exact rat, just crawling out of a different hole. A lot of folks are just sort of cowering in fear, unable to face the real problems it seems, and they're just waiting for someone to tell them what cliff to jump off. What a fucking non accomplishment accepting whiteness is . Oh look, the cops murdered some black dude. Luckily, I've accepted my whiteness and JC is my saviour. It's all good. Sorry climate change. You can't touch me. I've accepted my whiteness and JC is my saviour. Useless deeply disturbing nonsense won't save you, and it sure as hell won't help anyone or anything else. But a few creepy psychos that prey on the weak minded out there will probably benefit, if I know my generic creepy psychos.

  21. We never hear about White Privilege within the context of 500,000.+ deaths from opioid overdoses since the 1990's mainly in the most dispossessed areas that were former manufacturing centers of the USA. The same geniuses that sent our manufacturing jobs to Asia, flooded the country with Central Americans to further depress wages and have now set up Indian companies Infosys and Tata to import Coding Coolies from India to take over our Tech sector jobs and further depress wages. Walmart in my neck of the woods has been a huge driver behind the destruction of the American Middle Class but is now donating $100 million to BLM allies. They didn't say they would hire more Black American software workers. BTW: why are Whites the only group in America that aren't allowed the same rights as all other groups, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews Gays and LGBTQ to organize for their own self-interest Why are Whites second class citizens in all of their nations in the West?