Ariel Pink: “I Lost My Career for Attending Peaceful Trump Rally”

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Ariel Pink is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Frequently cited as “godfather” of the hypnagogic pop and chillwave movements, he is known to have influenced many indie musicians starting in the late 2000s.
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00:00 Intro
06:01 Ariel’s Consequences for Attending a Peaceful Protest
15:46 Reactions from Ariel’s Record Label & Friends
30:26 Why You Can’t Support Trump in Hollywood
34:04 Are Artists in Hollywood Enslaved?
40:45 Why Ariel Supported Trump
52:33 Are the Public Being Manipulated?
1:06:15 The Elitist Agenda of a New Way of Life
1:17:24 Is Ariel Influenced by his Location & Industry?
1:31:57 Lamenting the America that No Longer Exists
1:40:59 What’s the One Thing We’re Not Talking About?

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    00:00 Intro

    06:01 Ariel’s Consequences for Attending a Peaceful Protest

    15:46 Reactions from Ariel’s Record Label & Friends

    30:26 Why You Can’t Support Trump in Hollywood

    34:04 Are Artists in Hollywood Enslaved?

    40:45 Why Ariel Supported Trump

    52:33 Are the Public Being Manipulated?

    1:06:15 The Elitist Agenda of a New Way of Life

    1:17:24 Is Ariel Influenced by his Location & Industry?

    1:31:57 Lamenting the America that No Longer Exists

    1:40:59 What's the One Thing We’re Not Talking About?

  2. Group think can lead to round tables. In the UK, Mermaids and Stonewall both came after LGB alliance. Backfired spectacularly as we aren't completely captured in the UK. I understand the challenge, but if you have enough group think, of course there will be discussions about banning people.

  3. @47 Mins, we have the receipts. They admitted that they colluded to block trump as part of a shadow conspiracy. Then there is now the twitter files. What more evidence does anyone need?!

  4. Konstanstin sitting there rolling his eyes, a slightly condescending interview.
    Ariel had some valid points although he had some problems expressing them clearly.
    The world is going to absolute shit, I have never seen so many broken people out and about, whats even more disturbing is the amount of people who just do not give a fuck.

  5. I think it is easy to assume that because this guy is a guest on Triggernometry, he will have an eloquent prepared thesis on the state of the world, but I think the reality is that he is your quintessential pot smoking LA musician, incoherently rambling about oppressive government regimes in much the same way that John Lennon or Bob Dylan would have done. The difference nowadays is that his anti establishment politics is no longer endorsed by the very culture that propagated it. Censorship was always a tool of conservatism in the past, but now it is the "liberals" who call for it. Ariel is still struggling to come to terms with that. We all are.

  6. Not sure why people think KK was being difficult here. In every video I watch he challenges some points, even ones he agrees with. This is how good, well rounded conversations happen. Some pushback is needed on any topic, and most guests react to pushback well because they’re well versed in the topic or they’re confident in the ideas they’re presenting. He’s not even totally dismissive of what Ariel is saying in my opinion, he’s just applying some pressure for him to say what he means in its entirety. I actually found Ariel to be somewhat difficult to watch myself because he isn’t prepared to elaborate or answer a question directly. He rambled off many times and evaded a straightforward answer with vague references and metaphors. It’s KK’s job to bring make these conversations as detailed and understandable as possible, which is what I think he was doing. Regardless hope the best for this guy and generally can see where he is coming from.

  7. It's not "conspiracy" in the sense that it's all planned down to daily speech. Think of it as the very few people who control almost all resources, especially media, just take time setting up incentive structures toward a common goal. That's all Ariel is trying to say. That's all it takes. That explains the whole thing including why Trump and now Elon are clear enemies of the "establishment" or whatever you want to call the organization of the few ultra powerful groups/people with common goals.

    That's it.

  8. The poor guy looks like he has been totally crushed and his heart ripped out. I understand what he is trying to articulate but he physically isn’t able
    To get it together to do it. Voting for someone should NEVER EVER be used to destroy someone like this. This example, amongst hundreds of other examples, should easily prove to everyone that serious authoritarians are in our future. This goes to show us how heartless, cruel, selfish, narcissistic, cowards these people are. (Are the ones willing to do something like this to another human being). Could ANYONE possibly imagine this happening say in 2000? NO! Of course not……. So it’s obviously a sign of the fast progression of the acceleration of this train heading straight for us…. Just look at what’s happened in the past 2 years…. The speed of this is picking up faster and faster and faster, no one will be able to say in a decade or two that they never saw it coming…. The evidence is abundant and obvious. Their goal, is population control and this example is just one tiny example of the smaller tools they already have and most certainly will mold much larger and much more destructive ones as the days roll on. On another point, why are the Trigger guys being so damn aggressive on this guy??? WTF! He has already been thru hell and OBVIOUSLY STILL there as you can see it in his eyes. It’s like they had a personal vendetta out for this guy……. Maybe they did. I have watched prolly 60-70 of Triggs interviews but never seen one like this. Left me very depressed and disappointed…

  9. KK, this ideology that’s run amok into hatred, is largely due to subversion. Our culture has been subverted and it’s been in play for the past 6 decades and as that process develops and ages, it speeds up and becomes more severe AND obvious. We are seeing the final stages of that these days. Just read Marcuso. Listen to Yuri Besmenov. Just to make a few. Look back at Origins of this sick philosophy back in 1920s in Germany. It’s very real and active still.

  10. You are wrong about Alex Jones. You let yourself in for the present narrative. He did that stuff, but he deserves atonement, and he was not treated fairly at all. Just slotting him away as "that's why he's being sued" is accepting the narrative.

  11. Ye is purposefully attempting to break the Overton window with what he is saying and doing. The N$A and the C!@ are controlling the left wing narrative. Just look at how coordinated the news media is around any story. Down to the exact same words. Project mocking 🦜

  12. Konstantin's going after "they" is heavy-handed. 1. "They" are in a sense an emergent phenomenon, like life. Try to find it in the body and you'll find nothing, just molecules. 2. Most of us were taken off guard by this mass psychosis, and many of us don't necessarily know how to articulate it, but they know something is wrong. One doesn't always know who "they" are specifically, just that there is a system there, like life.

  13. I wonder if the folks getting fucked by Enron intentionally shutting down power plants to jack up prices had to face the same bullshit questions about who "they are" that are causing the prices to skyrocket.

    who's they? Do you really think the CEO of Enron and the workers are conspiring to jack up Grandma's energy bill

    Or global government spying by the US and allies

    who's they? Do you really think the government is keeping metadata and recordings of foreign and domestic telephone and internet traffic and US government officials including the president authorized it

  14. Ariel’s argument reminds me of George Carlin’s argument that these elite people have the same general agenda because it is good for them. They all attend the same schools, same country clubs, same vacation spots etc. they know what is good for them they don’t need to have secret plans or specific coordinated efforts. They all just do what is good for them.

  15. It's strange some people still call it a riot?
    yet when referring to the woke crowds behaviour as mostly peaceful????

    So, since when is murder and arson by an angry mob not classified as a riot? And how is an estimated total of 20 people misbehaving at the capital a riot?

    Seems we need to consider when words are applicable before we just shove them everywhere blindly.

  16. The host dude on the right is getting caught up in the weeds instead of allowing the story to progress. Dude on the left should take the hosting seat and let the other one get him coffee. You're ruining what could've been a good interview by staring at the guy's finger while he's pointing at the moon.

  17. Tribalism vs. decisions made in board rooms and conference calls? I'll believe that actions prove what goes on behind closed doors more than things randomly wind up like they are now. Evolution, not revolution.

  18. Zucker absolutely prohibited any employee of CNN from saying anything positive about Trump. The DNC absolutely coordinated attacks on Trump in most of mainstream media, and cultivated a witch-hunt mentality against any commentator, media outlet or celebrity who challenged their narrative.

    It didn't begin with Trump, though; it began with Julian Assange. When they got away with silencing him, they saw that they could silence anyone.

  19. The best explanation to that whole Kanye deal I've heard came from Barnes. Apparently he owes tens of millions in taxes, and he is criminally liable for that, can't just pay back, is looking at decades in prison. So Barnes guessed, that he's trying for insanity plea.

  20. Carl Trueman who was on triggernometry before has a lot of good info on what is fundamentally going on. I think that supports a bit of what KK is getting at but Ariel has a point too

  21. Great interview again. But hey, I have NO empathy for Mr. West for just being an edge lord and slightly stupid and I also lack some kind of understanding for Mr. Pink's behaviour. But still: I respect Mr. Pink and yes, the world will get a better one if we still talk to each other – no matter how different our opinions are.

  22. He supports Trump not for Political reasons but because he felt sorry for his negative press attention, was never political before and voted once, get the F out of here, what a waste of time, great musician but has absolutely nothing to say and is simply a very bad judge of character. Trump is not a good person, he doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself, Ariel Pink is a victim of online hysteria and paranoia, this is the age of contrarianism and he's fell so deep into it that he believes that people like Alex Jones and Trump are innocent, fair minded and decent people, what a prick.

  23. AMAZING how many comments think that the Trig' guys, and KK in particular, are either closed minded, acting for the 'left', or that he wanted to destroy Ariel. What is it with people on-line not understanding adversarial journalism / interviews? Do you expect the interviewing to just sit there and act as a echo chamber?
    The devil's advocate deliberately probes the interviewee's ideas in order to see the extent of them and see if they have been tested and scrutinized. That doesn't mean the interviewer disagrees (partly or fully) or is working for another interest.
    Maybe its a generational thing? younger people don't like having their ideas questioned?…which ironically was part of what Ariel was highlighting…

  24. Never heard of him , but seeing his name I just assumed this was a story about a gay man adjusting his TV set

    He’s crime it seems was to be a Trump supporter ?
    Something FF and KK definitely aren’t.

    I like him

    What he is saying , but doesn’t realise it , is that he’s a conservative.

    Get the hell out of LA and homeschool your girl with a local group.
    Otherwise she will be indoctrinated .
    God bless .

  25. People not supporting your work because of your opinions isn't persecution, it's quite literally the market forces at play. You have become worthless as a product aswell as a human being, so people don't want to work with you anymore. There are no reptilian elites deciding to "cancel" you, you just somehow managed to become even more irrelevant than you were before.

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