Arizona AG Hinting That The Law Was Broken Wisconsin INSANE Audit Findings 44,000 Voters No ID

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*Disclaimer* — In no way do I claim or condone that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen or misrepresented I just give my opinions and thoughts of media and news sources coverage of topics and practices I continue to educate myself daily on election procedures and safeguards Congress has certified Joe Biden as the 46th President Of The United States Of America And I in no way attempt to say otherwise or try and get others to believe otherwise topics are chosen carefully and I follow all guidelines and terms thank you.

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  1. In wis you have to show and ID when you go to the bank, when you go the The cable Co when you go to the DMV when you go service department in the store, when you go to bar to have a drink and so on thanks for all you are doing god bless you brother

  2. Fuck this voter fraud chump nation , the obstruction of justice is brutal ! It's like being told to hold your breath as your head is held under water as the thugs stall for time ! We lost our government !

  3. Trump:
    The "billionaire" who hides his tax returns.
    The "genius" who hides his grades.
    The "businessman" who bankrupted 5 casinos and lost over $1B in ten years.
    The "playboy" who pays for sex.
    The "Christian" who doesn't go to church or read the bible.
    The "philanthropist" who defrauds charities; like the trdump foundation.
    The "patriot" who dodged the draft five times and received five deferments.
    The "innocent man" who refuses to testify and blocked witnesses from testifying/ ignored subpoenas from lawmakers.
    The "married family man" who is divorced twice and had affairs behind the backs of all three wives including the first lady with a porn star Stormy Daniels.
    The "hard working and minimal golfer" who not only has golfed more than other Presidents has made the american people pay his resorts to feed and house secret service
    The"elected official" who has done nothing but try and get himself reelected by staging rallies all over the country and sticking us with the bills
    The "leader" who accepts no responsibility.
    The "doctor" who knows more than the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the last 35 years.
    The racist who doesn't understand or more likely care that words matter.
    The "scientist" who suggests injecting disinfectant to clean out the inside.
    The "psychic" who predicts the virus will disappear.

  4. This letter was written back in June. When the threat was originally made by Biden to get involved in the audits… let's hope his he follows through with action.

  5. I'm done with all these videos. It's almost one year since Nov 3. Nothing is gonna happen nor will happen. Sorry guys. America is done. Seek Jesus Christ while you may still find him and only trust him. Man will fail you. Jesus is coming soon. Enough with these false hope videos.

  6. As stated back in June, the missive indicates that Mark is aware that the entire purpose of Pamela Karlin's May 5 letter was to pave the way into Arizona's election process for Garland himself under the guise of potential violations of the Civil Rights Act. Brnovitch knows that Garland is attempting to create an environment, alleging civil rights violations, whereby he will be able to take a position that affords him a shot at what he considers the Holy Grail… the opportunity to challenge the Supreme Court's 2013 decision on Shelby. In short, section 4(b) of the Voting Rights Act was found to be unconstitutional. It included a formula that required certain states, including Arizona, to obtain "pre-clearance " from the US Attorney General before enacting any changes to their voting laws. Garland will attempt to breathe life back into Section 4(b) (making Section 5 viable once again) by claiming that the Voting Rights Act was intended and assumed to be an extension of the Civil Rights Act, based simply on the (time) proximity of their enactment to each other. He will ultimately lose but his ego requires that he publicly show the nation what a brilliant legal mind was lost from appointment to the Supreme Court when his nomination failed to be confirmed. He is a man scorned with something to prove. Although he will ultimately fail to prevail, he may be able to effectively bind the hands of the Arizona legislature, regarding voting law changes, while the case winds it's way through the judicial process. Powerplay 101.

  7. Siv ✝️ Sloppy Joe and Karela DeVille couldn't run the gold fish game at a CARNIVAL 🤡 Talk is cheap were ever it comes from 😶 But I will say the letter saying section 10 & the parts in it are GREAT every little bit helps & how our grassroots spreads 🤨 So now we play the waiting game again 🙃 AND the Border 😖 RIGHT 🤯 I've NEVER EVER PUT A MASK ON & The Mark of the Beast 😠 give it to someone who WANTS IT😷 But letting the whole WORLD in & they don't need to do anything 🤬 PANDEMIC MY ASS that's the SUPER SPREADERS right there🤢 Coming right in 😡 So don't tell US what we need to do until you fix the problem SLOPPY JOE 😤 Sorry for the RANT BROTHER 😇 GOD IS WATCHING THIS ALL 🙏 Maybe meet up for a drink & Long Island Tea is fine with me 🍹 GOD BLESS US ALL BROTHER 🇺🇸😈🤘💜