Arizona audit of 2020 election hits hand-count milestone | FOX 10 News

The hand count portion of Arizona’s audit is almost done according to liaison Ken Bennett – but it’s not over from there. FOX 10’s Matt Galka reports.

Arizona headlines:

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Written by FOX 10 Phoenix


  1. Seriously, who cares. The "fraudit" means nothing, zilch, zero, nada. The findings mean nothing, zilch, zero, nada. Anyone who thinks that Trump won the election is seriously mentally ill. I feel so sorry that your are as dumb as you are, and believe the 100% lies you've been fed. Hopefully one day you return to reality…assuming you were here at any point in your life. Sadly, stupid people are hard to reason with.

  2. Very true seems like, at every turn it always benefits Democrats. Voting , doj investigation, fbi investigations, White House hearings. They all live in glass houses . Sure the do .

  3. The audit is also the most censored and ignored news story in the history of mankind. Tells me that we go cheated and all this BS we dealing with now was not legitimately placed in power.

  4. I hope that President Biden / the people's DOJ will investigate these hack clowns for fraud and give them a cell right next to their dear high supreme wannabe dictator cult leader ..

  5. Why vote at all if corruption has already determined the winner.
    Why argue about it? Its a waste of time and energy at this point.
    Never bet on a rigged game.
    Have you ever witnessed a real game of 3 card monty?

  6. Make me president of the world… I can fix this. Arrogant, you say??? Question in return is, how I'd reply… What is the most EFFECTIVE form of Government??? Yep you got it … A Benevolent Dictator. You find what needs to be fixed? And do it. No whining or crying. DONE ONCE. You object? You meet new friends ONCE… you know… a firing squad.
    See how quickly people smarten up and do their jobs. Corruption? Not for long. Manipulation of markets? Not for long. Screw around with public funds? Not for long. Can and would apply to everything. You want to end the forest fire? Step on the spark. We can learn from history… and dictators. The problem was, they forgot, that they were there TO SERVE THE PEOPLE.
    Cold blooded? Yep…. and I wouldn't PANDER TO STUPIDITY EITHER.
    That's why we're at the edge of insanity. Bring out the Stocks of old.
    Petty crime? Put in stocks in a public area… 5 hard hits with a bamboo cane. Not wasting tax dollars on prison. Next offense? 5 more added each time. Wonder when they will realize they better smarten up? When you see the whites of their ribs? Just asking, what has molly coddling done for our respective nations??? Examples need to be made… to act as deterrents for the rest of society. No more white collar jails. Remember those new friends? Yep, no more bullshit. You can bet there would be no minor crime … being caned in public will sort out that shit.
    One can only Fantasize. ???

  7. Wow Fox , you are not a republican after showing this BS video , I don’t understand how people can’t see that Fox has an agenda to discredit this audit just like any other liberal station.