Arizona audit rumors

Talk about all the rumor surrounding the Arizona Audit

Written by McWattersaffect


  1. The bamboo was created by the media, forensic means any kind of material different from the original. Not take 46 and put back 45 if after all states finish their audits and Trump was ahead by millions of votes. People will not stand, there will be a huge outcry.

  2. Yes And this has never happened before To this extent I'm sorry but you don't know what you're talking about Just listening to the way you talk You're more of a Democrat The people know what happened anybody that's got eyes to see know that

  3. Exactly. There is official paper ballots are printed on. The bamboo thing is more of a manufactured lie from the media. If ballots are not printed on the correct paper they are suspect.

  4. While there is no precedent for correcting a flawed election, states have the right to remedy mistakes in elections. AZ can decertify their electors. The legislature can replace those electors or call for a new election in their state. So just because something hasn't been doesn't mean it can't be done.

  5. Fraud proof elections should have been done a long time ago … funny how they are just now getting around to it. We all know how corrupt politics is. Nothing in politics happens by accident and I mean nothing. The problem is politicians think we are stupid and they can just pull the wool over our eyes. This will be a major wake up call for all these bone heads. Finally we can clean out the swamp from both sides. I am a Republican and pro Trump but I am well aware we got some goof balls on our side too. Final word … we need to run these voting machine companies out of business. Machines have no business being in our elections. Any good hacker can hack any machine, anytime, anywhere.

  6. Thanks for screwing with the stability of America,when every one here is starving and out of work I guess something will be done when it's to late, are armed forces don't deserve this and you have showed no respect to the working man.all because your free loaders.rot in hell people who aloud these evil souls to destroy are country.

  7. Commiting fraud in a presidential election is not only a felony but conspiring with a forgin nation to rig a presidential election is TREASON ! Yes the military can remove an illegitimate president installed by a forgin nation the military took an oath to the CONSTITUTION ! NOT A PRESIDENT OR MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE ! Stop dumbing people down !!!!!!!!

  8. The thing about war is that no one really wins we just get tired of killing people.and spending money we don't have war is for population control and end the end it's just evil acts of bullying to get your way.

  9. Trump won 2020! to check the ballot to be real, a fraud could occur when counterfeit ballots are printed to intentionally trigger error, so a duplicate ballot with authentic printing would be made in its place, so when you recount, all looks great, valid ballots, but if you dont check the primary adjudicated ballot for authenticity, no fraud would be found, this is they are checking all adjudicated and corresponding ballots for authenticity, the problem now is , chain of custody, and missing ballots. With out this type of forensic check, a simple recount by hand or machine would give the same result, the fraud occurs in the custody and adjudicated ballots, as they have not stopped after inspecting 2 million ballots, I believe they have found major anomalies.

  10. There should be a way out for people who participated in any election fraud, we should offer a reward of 1 million and immunity for anyone who participated, by telling who gave the instructions who else participated, and proof of what this participating witness reveals, now that they know the audit is almost done, an offer like this might reveal many facts and well worth the reward money! Just a thought, im sure the guilty ones are stressed and an offer of reward and immunity, would be just right to make them come forward!

  11. There is precedent for a reversal of elections. There was one in 2017 in Alabama. While not Presidential, it is precedent in the legal system.

  12. The initial ballot counts being off was because some of the batches were off on their totals randomly. One batch was 17% short but another was 3% too many. There's no way to guess what the count will be at the end but it does show that there's a strong possibility based on these mismatched numbers and the issues with the seals, that someone might have gone through and tried to "correct" the ballot count after the fact while they stalled handing over the ballots for months. Same thing is probably happening in all the other swing states.

  13. As far as correcting the election… even if the election isn't fixed, it would be critical for the people to be aware that the election was fraudulent not only for correcting things moving forward but also to put the brakes to the leftist agenda they're eagerly trying to cram through. If Biden was shown to be fraudulent, nothing he worked on or signed would be accepted as valid. Can you imagine him trying to appoint a scotus replacement with the entire country being aware of what happened? It would never happen.

    Even if there is no way to correct the presidential election, which I can see a couple, there's still many other senate and house races at both the state and federal levels that might be easier to fix depending on the laws of the state. It only takes a single federal senator to switch to have a massive impact on our current political structure.

    Lastly, if this is exposed, it will have a tsunami effect on the 2022 election and for many to come. The outrage will be through the roof. We could actually have a Trump or DeSantis in 2024 with super majorities in both houses.

  14. I appreciate your approach. In hoping for a win we still must always avoid false claims.

    I was also with you in regard to these specific items you raise. Until yesterday when I heard Jovan support the veracity of both some form of watermark and the checking for bamboo (not that they’ve necessarily found any but that the process is legit).

    Guess I’ll have to wait for the report.

  15. So it's ok he cheated this time. NO. Need a new election and military to take over till the election this year or ASAP. MILITARY needs to be in control

  16. Thank you for doing more to combat misinformation than the PelosiSoetoroMediaTech industry ever could do, even with billions of dollars spent on silencing their critics.

  17. Too bad you strayed from reporting to hypothesizing. I was enjoying your reports up to now. A few points to correct. Several AZ Senators have already said in interviews once they get the results on the down ballot they will immediately take action to replace the winner if needed and recall their EC votes. And while the constitution does not allow the replacement of the president through the states, the insurrection act does apply where an election is stolen with the help of foreign countries. Then it is the military that has the duty to seize the illegitimate leaders and take control until the official leaders are restored. Also, we all understand the GOP is presenting the audits as "only seeing what happened so we can fix it in the future", but let's cut the political crap. Objective 1 replace enough House and Senate reps to get control and fully take control in the states. 2 recall enough EC votes to officially flip the election for Trump so the people can see Trump is the rightful president. This will officially end Biden's presidency in the public eye and will trigger a mandatory judicial review. 3 get audits nationwide. Once AZ releases their results, it will continue through all counties and dozens of other states will begin depending on the findings. This is the Dims worst nightmare as more state and local races are flipped. 4 brand the Dims with the scarlet letter F for all time while cleaning roles and passing voter ID laws and banning mail-in ballots. This will prevent the dims from ever winning another election anywhere. You are not addressing the long game nor the current social movement that has long since taken over the US as more left wing policies are trashing our lives, families and communities (jobs, churches, freedoms, immigration, tax give aways, inflation, medications, wars…).

  18. Utter nonesense about not being about replacing 46 with 45. If the audit shows cheating then it must reverse the result. What's the hells wrong with you chum ?