Arizona Election Audit Bombshell – Released Monday, 3626

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  1. I sure hope this DOES happen! T – man has more support than EVER BEFORE? after seeing what this illegitimate Administration has in mind for our country

  2. So— if there is a major news event this coming week in order to distract from audit news— who will be responsible? If some-one or more people die – then couldn't the planners be up on murder charges?? And wouldn't that be evidence of collusion between media and the left wing of democrat party?

  3. Thanks. Some of us spent over 100 hrs. studying the 2020 election frauds. Maybe 2 dozen methods were used to defraud the American people. This election was the largest fraud in American history, whose aim was to remove a duly and fairly elected President and put in a NWO Puppet. Millions of fake ballots were used. Dominion election machines are " designed for fraud" , says many people including a woman with a PHD with 40 years experience in IT.{ who did NOT vote for President Trump} This may come to a revolution, a French revolution followed by an American revolution. You know how that goes. Our govt. is full of corrupt frauds and imposters. Many Govt agencies have now been persecuting Christians and Republicans. This is wrong and must be CORRECTED. We either Stand up and do the right thing or we'll fall into communism and tyranny. I feel we must practice nonviolence and civil disobedience to restore our nation. How much longer will DC { the District of Corruption} continue ? We do not need this 3 ring circus act.

  4. I hear a great shaking about to implode around the world! Hold on tight and buckle up folks! It's going to get you on your feet and there will be a great shaking going on! It's happening! ????

  5. The 2020 election made elections in third world banana republics look honest and fair. Georgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvanian and Michigan where blatantly rigged. No one will ever trust results again because of the open air cheating.

  6. The squatters in the White House, House & Senate are about to be exposed.
    What's the Biden DOJ doing about 2020 democrat vote fraud & foreign government election hacking???

  7. They plan to use their manufactured indictments against the Trump Organization and its CFO to shift attention away from this massive election fraud they committed. They are already preparing for it by leaking out indictments are coming in the next few days. This will create a new false narrative for the communist media to obsess over 24/7 for the next month.

  8. Try this on for size!

    Arizona releases the preliminary results Monday and it is learned that there are anywhere between 100,000-300,000 phantom votes and the election has to be recertified for TRUMP! I live in Arizona and have heard this 5-15% figure. I have also heard a half dozen politicians connected to the audit that if the paper ballot is not there to support a vote for the candidate that candidate does not get credit for that vote. It is as if it is a talking point they all have agreed on.

    At the same time, Dr. Douglas Frank has explained how phantom votes can be front-loaded in a voting machine to generate the outcome you want and at the end of the election, those phantom votes can be deleted. The results are taken off of the machines but the paper ballots are not there to justify the result. That is why there would be 5-15% fewer paper ballots. The machines were front-loaded before the election started. That seems to be what the audit representatives are hinting at.

    This also would explain why the democrats had to stop in the middle of the night when TRUMP was winning. They had not front-loaded enough phantom votes to overtake TRUMP's legitimate votes and needed time to load more phantom votes.

    Now comes the distraction General Flynn is wondering about. At the same time the Arizona results are released the markets crash. The markets are due for a 15-20% crash for starters. The crash is blamed on Arizona. If such discrepancies exist, then EVERY state that used the voting machines have to have a forensic audit like Arizona which would imply banana republic-type fraud which would totally destabilize the world. The markets imply that we could go as far as an 80% correction.

    The democrats would then suggest that for the good of the country no audits should be done but better safeguards would be taken for the future. In the meantime, they blame TRUMP and the Republicans for the shambles that the economy is in. This sure seems made to order. Even oil looks like it could go back down to $20 a barrel. The democrats are definitely capable of destroying the economy and the markets to stay in power.

    Remember the Bush vs. Gore recount? I remember by the end of November 2000, the S&P 500 had plunged close to 10%; the NASDAQ had plummeted 19%. Had the Supreme Court not stepped in, the markets would have gone down 90%! Imagine now TRUMP prevails in Arizona ( which he will), then he prevails in Georgia, and then in Pennsylvania. There would have to be forensic audits in all the states that used the machines. Imagine the damage on the markets during Bush vs Gore, now imagine the damage on the markets and the economy when the voting results of 30 states that used the machines is thrown in question and must be audited. Would that be the kind of cataclysm General Flynn has in mind?