Written by Pastor Jay Dee XL


  1. Unfortunately, the way I see it, they gon have already elected some other silly sum bitch to be “Press”ident by the time any of this damn shit comes out. All I see out here is click bait bullshit and I’ve done got the blue balls waiting on this damn Kraken. Our government is a bunch of worthless whores brazenly wasting everyone’s time. I say to Republicans “Prove it”or sit down and shut the hell so I can go back to hating both parties equally. ?

  2. Pastor wickedness and evil has always dwelt in high place especially in these United States. How many of these RINOs are tied to the ungodly Free Masons? The end is the New World Order..see the Georgia Guide Stones for reference to the matter of evil entrenched in our govt.

  3. Another 30 days? I am calling bull shit on all this now. You people in AZ need to get in the streets and stop this stalling crap.
    You AZ people are gong to let all this go nowhere and screw the country over. My state went red. They could NOT cheat their way in to turning us blue and they DID try. You and your people didn't come out in enough force, not showing enough force now, and the country is LOST because of it. Nothing happens in AZ, then nothing will happen ANYWHERE.
    My state is red… FIX YOUR STATES OR THIS COUNTRY IS DONE!!!!! Dumb asses believing all these stall tactics are going to give this country away to china.

  4. Ask him to represent his PENAL CODE abuse of office official misconduct obstruction contempt ask him him if he is colluding against we the people maladministration Milligan v US 71 article 2 sec 98

  5. The Constitution demands speedy trial for the accused. This keeps the consequences closely tied to the unlawful behavior. When delayed, either through extended legal finesse or outright defiance, they render the law void of meaning. Why this has gone on this long is embarrassing Maricopa County, Arizona and the Nation. They were served valid, enforceable subpoenas. So enforce them. Go get the routers and keys and whatever. If it takes locking up criminals to do the job, even better. Maybe a few months in solitary for the Maricopa cronies and their DO buddies. No phones, no lights, no motorcars.

  6. I don't believe that anybody voted these people in…they were placed…hints the whole sweep of draining the swamp. They have been cheating for years. Get your combat boots ready ooohrah!

  7. That is not true. They could move forward with a warrant with only a committee vote from the justice oversight committee. Dave Jose and Josh Barnett have told them how to do it. I'm not positive it's oversight on justice committee but I know it can be just a committee vote. I watch the video and there was a large amount of excellent info put out

  8. Sir, I call these types of politicians: "The silver tongues with the lead asses." Feel free to tweak (bad words and all that) and use at your leisure, folks. RINOs often fit the bill for this. I say inspect THEIR social media and scrutinize their life views to the words in public. I've spotted on the surface good candidates via ballotpedia, then I went to their professional pages, THEN to their PERSONAL social media and often found huge conflict.

  9. Paul Boyer is definitely a rhino and screwed up being able to enforce the subpoenas. He didn't like the fact that the guy from cyberninja's believes that there was fraud in the 2020 election. As long as he conducts the audit in a professional and transparent manner, his personal opinion shouldn't matter. I'm sure Boyer would like it better if the person conducted the audit thought that the election was not stolen, but it's just the same in the end. Everybody is entitled to their opinion as long as they don't let it sway the outcome of the audit. Hopefully our AG does the right thing