Written by Pastor Jay Dee XL


  1. Can't wait to see the expressions on the lefts face when they see that Trump did win the election. But I bet the liberal indoctrination networks have already told them to deny the truth that comes out already.

  2. Imagine this is only one tiny bit of the entire election!!! I know so many are suffering real bad me included! Imagine living in a country ruled by Pelosi's and Schumer's? THIS HAS TO STOP!!!! We need true patriots in office like you Pastor!

  3. All in God's timing. Without things going the way they did/are the corrupt would still be hidden. But now they are coming to the surface. The weeds will be picked!

  4. For a man who loves attention, Obama has been bizarrely quiet lately. His silence is thunderous. Could it be that he knows something big is about to be revealed, and he might be implicated? Hmm?

  5. I hope there will be a complete investigation of those who aided and abetted this monumental election crime. They should never see the light of day. This horror in Afghanistan is on them. It is burned into my heart as well as countless others around the world.

  6. I do not know how much evidence people need to see before they can at least say yes it's real. What's sad is that the political professionals always new the truth!