Armed BLM Supporter Shot And Killed In Austin After Rushing Car, CO Leftist Shoots Another Protester

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  1. God this was disgusting, this idea that trump really wants to fix any of this instead of using troops to prop himself up. Like 90 percent of what tim said sounded reasonable right up until he got there, sigh

  2. Who brings a gun to a peaceful protests. A rifle at that. Then approaches a vehicle with it. I would have shot him. It doesn't matter where the gun is pointed. A split second that all it takes.

  3. Garrett Foster was apparently a boog boi that wanted to demonstrate libertarianism to BLM by assisting them.
    That's why he was handling his rifle more properly than the John Brown Gun Club.

    BEWARE THE OWNER, Alabama is a defend your ground state,BLM starts their crap here they gonna find out that the south is gonna rise up and do it again

  5. There were two protesters who got shot, one was shot in the leg and the woman that was taken away by ambulance had jumped over the barrier on the freeway and was injured.

  6. I used to tell my kids who would cry for no reason, that I was gonna give them a reason to cry and I would. know what their still alive full grown adults who take responsibility for their own actions

  7. You are watching a 'frame', one frame prior to the shooting. Yes, at this point, the rifle IS pointing down, but we don't know what transpired in the next few seconds. We don't know if he raised that rifle or started to raise that rifle. We just know you have one frame out of 30. And this guy is now dead. The question should be, why are peaceful protesters carrying rifles?