Armed Leftists Shoot At Conservative Journalists House, Nat Guard And Police Shoot And Kill Rioter

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  1. And this is why I purchased my house right next to the most secure place in America, the White House. So when local police goes, I still got them other guys with guns to protect me.

  2. All of those auction of last few week acquired millions of dollars to keep going so where the money coming from?
    And what the real agenda behind, And I don't believe is the election

  3. CIA STAGED RIOTS AND PROTESTS. Just like the FBI sponsored Las Vegas shooting. So many strange coincidences. The same people coming back to life from the dead and appearing at multiple shootings.

    Inside job. CIA communist inside agency.

  4. ABC's news article is not even right about the no-knock warrant.
    Just 3 plain clothes cops bust into the apartment without announcing they were cops (can't prove either story the cops turned their body cameras off). her boyfriend shot at them and they shot into the apartment. only one seriously hurt (cop got hit in the leg but was relieced from the hospital pretty soon after) was his GF in the bedroom shot dead.
    Aftermath: they realized it wasn't even the right apartment, the guy they had a warrant on was already being booked into the jail.
    the police chief was removed, the three officers fired pending the FBI investigation, and the boyfriend was released from jail on a 250k bond being charged with attempted murder for shooting a cop in the leg.

  5. So this poor woman an her child went through hell and these people didn't seem to care. Not protesters,"scumbags" that's what they are. And Alot of filing claims are fraudulent. That's what makes me sick that's what fux with our economy. Nasty BS only gna get worse man.

  6. The last time we had a civil war it was to free slaves. Brothers,cousins all fighting against each other on different sides. Because they thought it was the right thing to do and now look at this hot mess. This Civil War will be very different this time, brothers and cousins of the same race will be joined and that ain't going to end well for nobody.

  7. Do you know what will stop it? The citizens removing these cowardly government officials and arming themselves and taking out those willing to destroy. After a few cities take care of their problem, these terrorists will start to see that we are no longer fucking around.
    Some terrorist comes to my house and shoots at it, I will see to it that that is a mistake they will never have the opportunity to learn from.