Armed Men Are Taking To Rooftops To Defend Statues, Cops Arrest Armed Man On Roof

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  1. You know I got an idea, why not give parents that failed to raise these kids charges that they might go to jail? Let's see if the parents reconsider educating them better.

  2. This is what happens when the police aren't allowed to do their jobs, when they fear the backlash of killing a suspect, like it isn't bad enough they have to kill a person to begin with. The media has been complicit in this downward spiral into chaos, applauding the rioters, paint the criminal George Floyd as a martyr, and demonizing cops. When the police are prevented from doing their jobs, keep the order and protect the people, then that responsibility falls to the people themselves. Some may argue that was always our duty, as the popular saying goes, when you need the police, they're minutes away, and even longer if you live out in the boonies. I applaud the patriots who risk their lives to protect our heritage and history, our culture, from these anarchists who just want to destroy. I think I know the video you referenced Tim, the guy who was being mobbed for protecting a statue, and after trying to escape, being beaten to the ground, had no choice but to open fire, as his life very much in danger. That is fucking scary right there, as most folks don't carry a firearm, and if involved in a situation like that, they would be killed! or at least grievously injured. And what happened with that, the terrorists were allowed to go on their merry way to continue spreading destruction, while the man protecting his life was charged, though the charges were thankfully dropped. You said it Tim, people are getting fed up, and since the police are either not doing their job, or are prevented from doing it, that leaves us to protect ourselves. We are at a changing point in America, and whoever ends up on top, the anarchists or the patriots, it will forever shape out country.

  3. Well we all waited for the Koreans to get back on the roof… but they weren't this time so others had to step up
    If cops were really going to stop these vandals these guys wouldn't be doing this Tim… so no it's actually a shame they took him into custody
    Hahah those comments… "how dare you try to intimidate people… coming to burn your place down"

  4. History is history. It matters not how dark or cruel an aspect is. You keep it. As a reminder and as a lesson. “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” Failure to be aware of this results in even more bloodshed and stupidity. Put an end to this, so we can finally, finally, progress.

  5. "We don't want things to escalate". The far leftists will not stop. The only way to stop them is for them to take the room temperature challenge. I've tried and many other people have tried reasoning with them and they just will not budge. I don't want escalation either but they need to be stopped.

  6. Solution: arrest people breaking the law when they destroy statues and businesses. If police did their job, these people would go away.

  7. We are definitely in a coup and it is out of hand! These people want to destroy the USA they don't want equality or justice! Look what they're doing!!

  8. These idiots tearing down statues are no better than the pieces of shit from ISIS destroying pagan statues. They erase history. It's already happened. The best we can do is learn.

  9. BTW, when is Hawaii going to change their flag? The British Empire treated us Americans horribly. And the bear on California's flag has to go bc they kill people. NY is building an Empire. The South Carolina flag's Palm needs to go too bc it brags about a Confederate fort. The Alaska flag celebrates the Northern Hemisphere i.e. Europe. If the Redskins are racists, then so are the Vikings, Buccaneers, Raiders. Cowboys ate famed for killing Native Americans. We gotta change the name of the Chiefs, Indians and Braves. Lord, I'm so triggered.

  10. Tim you went on a rant a few days ago calling people that weren't the left a bunch of pussies for not standing up and doing something. Well guess what? Those men with guns are standing up and doing something. What else do you expect them to do? All I heard from you is tell people to yell at their boss and say they're gonna quit if they introduce SJW agenda and donate tons to BLM. Well I work as security. My company didn't support this crap at all. Guess that means theres nothing to do but protect a few statues huh?

  11. The police need to decide what side they are on. The left only wants police NOW to prevent these 'protectors' from preventing THEM from destroying statues. Juneteenth will not be celebrated by anyone with a brain.