Army Considers DROPPING Fitness Tests As Women FAIL Massively, Social Justice Is Now In The Military

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Retired Lieutenant Colonel, former congressman, and current chairman of the Texas GOP Allen West to discuss the military’s continued slide into social justice as the Army mulls reversing gender-neutral physical fitness examinations for soldiers.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. you can't have fat people in the army either way because it's expected that even a person that even indexes items in storage, would be able to pick up a weapon anytime and fight and kill.

  2. from my understanding ALL military personal are Soldiers first….Role second.
    So say the Chef or Musician ? They still went through boot, They know how to shoot. They gotta keep the standard of a solider and be combat ready. AT ALL TIMES while in service.

  3. Women do have a role on the front line. I have heard that Muslim forces will surrender if they notice women shooting at them instead of risking dying at the hands of a woman as it would prevent them entering jannah (their version of heaven)

  4. Women's sports were introduced not because they weren't allowed to compete before but because they simply couldn't compete. Most 'mens' sports don't have bans on women, because they never had to.

  5. There is a perfectly logical reason for standards in the military. It saves lives. If you send a man or a woman for that matter, into a life threatening situation without giving them the best equipment, training and support to maximise the chance of them surviving that situation, that is not war, that is murder!

  6. Is that comfirmed? That would be a bad idea, a very bad one.
    That being said- the sports analogy is a very bad one. Sports is entertainment. The main reason why sexes are divided is the same reason doping is forbidden. It would crash the “game”. Also having a women sports division brings women into the sport, while a all-sexes sport would exclude mostly women.

    When it comes to war/national security, there are no such rules. Fighter pilot can take whatever drug helps them fly better. Because it’s life or death. Women SHOULD be able to enter every test men can enter. But if they fail, they fail. End of story.

  7. Tim is a complete idiot when it comes to our military and making allowances for LGBT problems. The military is not and should never become a social experiment.

  8. There's should be no such thing as finding a cushy role for those who can't meet the physical test standards of the military. When the chips are down EVERYBODY has to be able to hack it because the enemy doesn't discriminate when it comes to killing you.

  9. i am scared for America you have been the greatest national in the world but you are bleeding and if you don't plug that leak in 50 years your dead

  10. A lot of women in the Canadian army in combat roles are forward observers where smallness is an advantage. Another role might be as snipers. But as a member of remote scouting patrol, nuts!

    Women wash dishes, men install the granite counters for the dishes. Why, men and women are different, it is about maximizing the difference not making men wash dishes and women install granite. To do that is minimizing differences AND maximizing productivity.

  11. It is crazy a slightly overweight man can do the jobs they are assigning to these women. They can do computer work, work in distribution, logistics. Yes the women are not being put on the front lines WTF is that?

  12. In the Navy the difference in standards is astounding. Women between 20-24 only have to do 16 push ups and they have 15 minutes and 30 seconds for a mile in a half, which is a brisk walk. Men of the same age have to do 42 push ups and they have 13 minutes and 15 seconds for the mile and a half. If people want equality, that means the standards have to be equal.

  13. As someone who is 45 and served in 95 to 07, I served under what I would call, the REAL Army. If I was 18 again, I would NOT serve again. I loved my service, BUT, I hate what the military has become. Our service is not a "participation trophy experiment". Its become a pussy organization now. Fatties and whining females who run and get preggers just to avoid deployment. Fuck, its become a JOKE now.

  14. Oh yes indeed, we did that on the fire department I work for in the 1980's. Task : drag/carry a 200 pound dummy down two flights of stairs then move it an additional 50 yards to a safe area. the woke city management and council…..had this part of the test REMOVED ! Simply because out of 65 female applicants none could manage it.

  15. This is why the old test had a male and female grading system. They shouldn't do away with the test, but implement a male and female grading system again

  16. It really sucks that I couldn’t join the military due to me being diabetic. I’m type 2 and supposedly so long as I lose weight I’m fine, so my thought process was to go to basic training, be forced to lose weight and to get the mindset to keep it off and I’d be fine, low and behold they found out and I couldn’t join. It’s painful that I can’t because I do really want to fight with my family but will forever be unable to do so.
    I don’t really have many talents so now it makes me feel more of a loser then I did when they told me they couldn’t except me. I give any soldier the highest respect I can for there bravery and willingness to serve our country, issues with it and all.

  17. Why do we see media stories about the high school girl named Heaven pinning boys in wrestling. But then woman can't handle the same fitness tests as men?

  18. I was denied the opportunity to serve due to a previous fully healed femur injury. I was raised by a drill sergeant, scored 78 on my ASVAP and was planning to serve ever since I was a little kid. I am sickened beyond belief by this crap.

  19. Tim, the reason that finding an administration role
    For someone in the military doesn’t work is because at the end of the day every person in the military has to be deployment ready. Military has cut back further and further its more important now than ever that people are versatile. When people deploy they have what’s called bands where one band of a people go and they replace the other band that way the same people aren’t going over and over. If you have a position on base let’s said a medical technician and there are 12 med techs assigned to the base 3 of those techs may go at once. Well if half of them can’t go becAuse they aren’t deployment ready then someone else has to go in their place. It’s the same thing with admin spots. The admin people will deploy for other things outside of their job if not their job.. if one member of their team can’t go then someone else has to go I. Their place and that’s really not fair.

  20. Haley Wikenhizer, arguably the greatest female hockey player of all time, made a career playing in men's proffessional hockey. She was good, but not a star and would have been crushed in the NHL. Don't get me wrong tho, she would destroy me anyday