Army of Police 3 – Melbourne Protest

Sat 2 October

Only a few clips left to upload now. Working on some other news/interview related content to continue to evolve this channel.

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Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. Hey, Aussies… Are you still proud that you fell for the false flag of Port Arthur and gave up your guns… This is WWIII and those are Klaus Schwab/NWO Goons~! Free Martin Bryant TODAY~! Martin Bryant = Martinus van der Lubbe.

    Don't you people ask yourselves why so many pigs worldwide have Masonic Checkerboard Squares on the Hats and pig shops~!~!~! It should be just as obvious as the celebs with the "One Eye~!"

  2. When all this drama is over these Police Thugs will have nothing to do,they should be reduced in numbers by 50% and all the unwanted equipment sold off

  3. Stand strong melbourn from uk the whole of uk in utter shock at how your being treated evil will be defeated some cars in england going round with australia flags on amd stickers saying free australia

  4. Hey You Nazis,once u push people to the point of nothing left to lose,God help u then.Then you will see what animals fight like. You cowardly cops are disgusting.Keep going Australia America's behind you