Arrest warrant issued!

Ms Greenwood adjourned the matter and issued a warrant for Mr Boikov’s arrest, telling the court he needed to be present to enter a plea.

Videos were circulating on social media in which Mr Boikov said he had to make a “tough decision” and seek refuge in the Russian consulate.

“I have no faith in the legal system, no faith in the police, no faith in the courts to be fair in this process,” he said in the video.

Mr Boikov intends to enter a guilty plea, his lawyer told a court. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Jeremy Piper

“So in order to mount the defence, in order to conduct a fair process, I’ve decided to enter the Russian consulate and ask the Russian government for political asylum.”

Mr Davis confirmed to NCA NewsWire he was in the Russian consulate.

He said Mr Boikov had not made “any grand announcements” but was “close” to doing so.

Mr Davis said his client’s action is “totally defendable” and in normal circumstances he would have a “good prospect” of winning the case.

“Because of the situation … it would take six months to get to a hearing; for good reason he might enter a guilty plea and have it dealt with,” Mr Davis said.

He said he is currently in the process of dealing with the arrest warrant and having it resolved “promptly”.

Mr Boikov has amassed nearly 230,000 followers across his social media accounts, which include YouTube, Telegram and Facebook.

The 32-year-old was a prominent personality in the anti-vaccine mandate protests in Canberra in 2022 and claims he is the leader of the Australian Cossacks – a group which promotes pro-Russian government sentiment.

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Our lazy minded journalists, scientists, teachers, doctors, nurses, police, military…… the mums and dads of Australia are brainwashed , illogical minions attacking citizens to keep their weasel careers as they serve their puppet masters.

  2. Simeon – Once again, you continue to show us that we should never capitulate! Never acquiesce! We are on the right side of history. Thank you for your strength. I am sure it is not easy to be hunted by your own country. You are a great example for all of us to follow. As the saying goes, "Freedom is not free". Your actions continue to inspire us to keep pushing against the totalitarianism of our times. There are many who are waking up. Your voice encourages and deepens the great awakening. Sheep no more!

  3. If the Govt,Big Pharma, police etc had lied with the help of the media ,they couldn't have been exposed. The Aussie Cossack didn't make them dishonest, they did it all themselves. The Establishment hate honest people with the backbone to stand up to them.

  4. this is nuts, the world is in disarray. We need to follow the inner confidence that the Spirit of GOD speaks to our hearts, which the Aussie Cossack is. Hang in there, I ask for your protection and your favor as a wall of stoppage of the goons. Love you brother, tell your wife to be strong . You set the example of going on .

  5. Met a young Russian lady in my local organic shop today who wants to go back to Russia. Her husband's work colleague has attended seven funerals in the last six months. The other lady there, her cousin in UK died suddenly last week.

  6. Australian politicians are one of the most self serving corrupt psychotic bunch of maggots I’ve ever seen, are they that stupid thinking that the people are not going to wake up and holding them accountable? Boy oh boy are they in for a massive surprise 👍

  7. The government and police always attack those who can dismantle there fascist regime the government and the police are the Enemy of the people and until the people wake up the government and police will always be a threat to the world public who are in fact slaves and are not free

  8. Evil are running the countries, chose money and greed, over it's citizens, no one should have to flee, because they have an opinion that differs from the government, all need removing, we used to govern ourselves, and we need to go back to that scenario, and trials are needed for these people

  9. OmG i'm almost feeling like giving up being Australian to be Russian after this video. Why is this man even arrested for what…telling the truth against corrupt authorities wtf I'm sick to death of this truth telling arrests wtf Australia you seem corrupt as fuck! I'm ashamed to be Australian. Let the Aborigines have Australia then cause the Australian govt and authorities seem totally corrupt when they arrest truth tellers and let corrupt council members and clubs nsw get away with murder. Don't know what the Australians could even celebrate Australian day its a bloody joke. The mere fact that Albo gives hundreds of millions to an overseas ambassador that we don't even support instead of our own poor pensioners shows what a hypocrite Albo is about pretending to help the pensioners where he came from he is a total bullshit artist. I was also forced to have a vaccine otherwise the doctor wasn't going to give me what i wanted. Everything I've seen Simeon protesting about he is spot on. You made sure you silenced Jordies now you all go for the next truth teller. Corrupt authorities are all in bed together something sticks and Australia is going rotten.

  10. Truth honour respect trust compassion love bravery reality. Just a few words to describe SB and these are the fundamentals of what (they) are trying to take from us , sorry guys but I can not give up being human and I know this is felt through a large portion of humanity.
    God speed to all of us in our search for the shining light

  11. you said you want to escape to Russia, but in the description it is written that you want to plead guilty to the accusations. i do not understand, if you surrender to the bad guys and their systems how will you be able to move to Russia?

    of course i wish you all the best. i have seen from your videos that the force of evils are raging against you and it is not a good idea to keep roaming around their turff.

  12. this kind of shit is going on all over the nations with western culture. those thinking of emigrating to get away from all this where are they going to go, to poor under developed nations? have to stay and work on bettering the nation…

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