Arrested for a Meme – Harry Miller

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Harry Miller is a former police officer and CEO of the Bad Law Project and Fair Cop, organisations that aim to depoliticise democratic institutions, and support those facing discrimination for their political beliefs. Miller appeared on TRIGGERnometry in January 2020 after he was investigated by police over a poem that he’d posted on Twitter. The police officer told Miller, “I need to check your thinking.”

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  1. This is part of the AI race. These people will stop at nothing to control the behavior of humanity. It is a very scary time. So many people do not understand why this is happening. This is indeed big tech fighting for ultimate control over humanity using technology infused with communism. They are guilting and shaming down right scaring people into submitting to their will. This is leading to a genocide of anyone that will stand in the way of their agenda. It’s all about building the perfect computer and they will stop at nothing to achieve this.

  2. I love this man and his integrity. I’m a black 49 year old conservative woman. I have NEVER supported a Democrat, liberal policies or victim hood ideology. I live in Louisiana and the Soros backed mayor is a joke. Criminals are supported over the public and the city is garbage. These policies are destroying cities everywhere.

  3. I appreciate Miller distinguishing the rainbow flag from the intersectional flag. One of the problems is that we haven't defined whatever this extremism is. Many of we LGBT people see it as extremists appropriating our movement, but that's not quite right. It's also the youngest generations taking over, socialized through cancel culture and buying into queer studies ideology that has given us 100+ genders. Every disagreement or criticism is 'violence', total hysterics.

    It's very similar to what's sometimes called Woke Antiracism, different from the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century. This new antiracism that is very different from the previous generation doesn't quite have a name. Similar to 4th Wave Feminism, different from 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave. Obsessing on 'man spreading' and doing away with due process in sex crime investigation. Some Feminists are now supporting the Men's Rights Movement to fight against it. The LGBT movement is having the same problem. Wokeism has taken over but we don't have any language for defining it, other than 'Woke', that seems to be sticking.

    Thankfully those of us who oppose it are finding our voice. The LGB Alliance, Gays Against Groomers. A horrific name, using the religious right's demeaning propaganda to identify a gay group, but I don't disagree with their goals. It's an intersectional madhouse.

    The Woke have appropriated the honorable and respected social justice movements of the 20th century, all of them imo, they're riding on those just causes. In the case of the LGBT movement, I think they've destroyed it. As a gay person, I'm not even offended by the Nazi meme making fun of our flag. I agree enough with our critics that I've developed a sense of humor.

  4. Would be funny if it wasn't so bad, but with all this wahman feminist woke junk and most of it is coming from weak wahmen. Just wondering what all those types will do when invaded by another country with actual men. Over time I assume they will say the military is a man thing and bad. Of course none of them would fight for anything, probably just stare at their phones wondering why they don't work. Most likely just run and scream and wait for someone to rescue them. Things are too easy for people these days, to many have nothing to do but social media. I assume though the majority overall isn't like that but they are so quiet they let the few huge mouths take over. None of it is going to turn out well, cannot get weak people that run a country.

  5. This is beyond ridiculous and utterly terrifying. Unfortunately, most people don't actually know about this and many wouldn't believe it unless it happened to them. Thank God for Harry Miller. I can see Konstantin's elevated emotions about this. He should know, coming from Russia. I share his deep concerns. I can't see a positive future for the UK, or Europe. Or the entire Anglosphere. We are marching eyes wide shut down the road to totalitarianism.

  6. Also EVERYONE must read Repressive Tolerance by Herbert Marcuse, it's basically the rule book that's fueling the rot of wokeness and progressive lunacy .. everything from the far-left must be tolerated (including violence) and everything from anybody else must be suppressed and tyrannized even the most slight disagreement with the far-left.

  7. Hang on…That meme is “as offensive” as what he said about his burgled mother to that person…that’s why outlawing grossly offensive targeted speech is a bad idea because it all comes down to one’s interpretation of what that is…..It’s an obvious slippery slope

  8. This time I really have been triggered. Chilled me to the bone. This has been my favourite episode this year. If people still can't admit what is wrong with the "progressives", I've lost all hope. I agree with everything this man has said. I'm not from the UK but the only thing I would add to his assessment is that it started with language_, I think "Political" correctness is where it started. When you start controlling the words people use, you are controlling their thinking as well. It seems to me that historically, speech is supposed to evolve organically. Words become too old fashioned for the younger generation and trendy words get added to everyday speech, but obliging societies to drop certain words to be replaced with an _acceptable alternative and then ostracizing ALL people who don't use the appropriate word is tyrannical. Thing is we listen to these horror stories but can't take action. As long as people have something to lose, most of us cannot act, and we become apathetic. The powers that be understand the psychology of the masses. They just keep slowly but surely encroaching on our freedom and we get used to it. Maybe I didn't express this in the best way, but I think most people understand what I mean.

  9. 1hr 10 mins…."You don't have to be from Eastern Europe,you just have to read a fuckin book". There in lies one of the main reasons why we have got to this position. Most people,despite having an 'education' are THICK AS FCKING PIG SHIT and know nothing of history or human nature and just watch utter shit on their phones all day.

  10. Oh wow I thought we in the U.S. are real messed up, but guys are so screwed up that only Devine intervention will save you. Cutting ALL ties with the E.U. is a must. The E.U. is poison.

  11. I think a clear line for this piece of legislation should be INTENT (to grossly offend "someone", or perhaps a group defined by innate characteristics), which then would make sense of the grossly offensive criterion… just amend it.

    P.s. on second thought I think offence is too subjective a notion, if not entirely subjective, and can't be soundly defined… after seeing some comments here, also by my initial reaction, that law should have never made use of such a concept.

    Laws must never be vague enough to curtail freedom of conscience and expression.

  12. One of the many problems is police don’t have to do the job right. There is no accountability even when the police force is sued for a wrongful arrest the police officers are usually protected if not promoted. So when you tell them you will complain about their own criminality, They literally don’t care and will even tell you where to complain to. Unless they murder a minority on camera they will be protected and any officer that dares blow the whistle…..well they don’t dare!

  13. Be afraid…be very afraid! When people in positions of authority have no compassion, cannot summon common sense, become unfeeling and unthinking automatons, we are indeed living in "1984" and Nazi Germany in the early 20th century. And why do the leaders of these people in authority take this stance? Because it absolves them of responsibility. Follow the rules, exactly, and you are blameless.

  14. There must be NO tolerance for anonymous complaints. Everyone must know who their accusers are and have the right to face them in a court of law. No exceptions. Does that mean some will be hesitant to report. Sure, but no system will be perfect. Too much chance of abuse when a complainer can do so anonymously for something that results in having someone else arrested.

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