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The legal battle with John Barilaro takes a concerning turn.

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This video was written, produced, and published by Jordan and the editor.

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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Share this on every subreddit, every facebook page, every single outlet, make them say his name. Kristo must be freed.

  2. Just sent a formal demand for Mr. Barilaros resignation as Deputy Premier and representative of Monaro. Recommend everyone does the same;
    Seaech John Barilaro and go to his listing on the Parliament nsw gov au site . The email for his constituency in Monaro can be found there.

    Remember; be respectful . I doubt John himself reads these emails, parliamentary staff nost likely dig through this inbox so screaming fuck, shit, bruz will get your email trashed. Voice your concerns at this attack on democracy eloquently.

  3. You know that with the police and other armed forces in Australia they intend to conduct these actions within reason. But this applies to ALL Australian people and this is purely unacceptable on behalf of this poor family. Very poor on behalf of the government , in my opinion this is corrupt and perhaps some form or bribe was involved relating to John barilaro. The government and police intend to represent the people and try to be good but very poor form. Hope cristo and his family are okay in spite of those horrifying events that happened on that fateful day. All the best on the lawsuit.

  4. I'm so shocked, how can this happen in Australia??!?!!!! (***Still votes 'Liberal' Next election just becoz: something, something the economy and anthony has a potato head.)

  5. From ABC News today

    "Deputy NSW Nationals leader Paul Toole said people needed to be "mindful" about how they acted and behaved when using social media."

    …. or what ? Your going to drag us away ?

  6. Looks like we're seeing a Deputy Premier engaging in both corruption and intimidation, and in plain sight! Bruz will have to loose his job over this. Thanks Jordan and Kristo for your for amazing work! I look forward to seeing the self-immolation of Bruz in court. Obviously he hasn't heard that if the allegations against you are true, then whatever you do, don't sue! Bye bye Bruz!

  7. Can we just take a moment to appreciate mumma and papa Kristo, defending their son from these goons. I really hope that Kristo and his family are okay but I am livid that it has gotten to this. Take them down Jordies, from WA