Art Exhibit CANCELED At Princeton, Woke Left TAKEOVER On Campuses?: Robby Soave

Robby Soave previews the cancellation of a Jewish art exhibit at Princeton University.

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  1. What about being controversial, and diversity in opinions which makes any art/idea worth talking about. Sounds like these devotees are more dogmatic in their opinion than the most religious fanatics.

  2. Someone should tell him that the pyramids of Egypt were not built by slaves, but by paid workers who worked in shifts and had a good benefits package. None of them were Jewish.

  3. Do these people really think they're going to erase history by pretending it didn't happen?🤣 and doesn't that mean we're destined to repeat it? We know better than to do xyz things that went on in history. So what the harm? We learn. We grow. We evolve. That doesn't mean we need to pretend these things didn't happen. Smh 🤣

  4. Universities are not about higher education and haven’t been for a long time. Even Harvard is profit driven. To maintain costs they have to appeal to the ESG rating. While the ESG is a very good predictor of bad behavior in private sector corporations, it obviously has no place in higher education.

  5. From what I've seen they aren't worried that people will see this art and suddenly start supporting the confederacy—although I wouldn't put it past them.

    They are hyperfocused on appearances and performances. They consider it a form of publicly "honoring" these people to display their art, statues, films, songs, speeches, etc. In their view, hosting the "problematic" content is the equivalent of giving an official public statement in support of whatever "problematic" view the person held.

    Talking about it at all is seen as publicly supporting and encouraging the bad ideas. They see asking questions as a form of "concern trolling" and think nobody could be genuinely curious about the off-limits subject. In fact they consider the phrase "genuinely curious" a right wing dogwhistle and immediately become hostile towards anyone using it, or any similar phrases.

    Ultimately they are judging people innocent or sinful, and talking about—or honestly even thinking about—these "problematic" ideas is a social sin. They've replaced their need for spirituality with secular "social justice", but they can't let go of the idea of innocence, sin, and punishment. (I'm not religious myself, but I think there's truth to the idea that most humans need a spiritual influence or purpose in their lives, and a lot of people were raised religiously and find it difficult to completely purge those tendencies).

    Anyway, that's just what I've observed.

  6. Woke is a cult. It literally fits the definition of a cult Constantly having to prove your loyalty the willingness to suspend belief in reality at the drop of a hat to stay on the right side of the Propaganda i.e. You can't define what a woman is because then you wouldn't be able to justify transgender People's interpretation of how Science work. They're just not serious people even if you agree with them they then further step forward and try to take even more room and try to get you to sign on to even crazier ideas it's never enough.

  7. We actually need to do something about it rather than just talk about it on yt. Maybe start pulling our kids out of college or organize a protest against it. Idk we just can’t keep letting this hysteria continue.

  8. this is how tradition is postponed..this is how memories are erased…this is how history is rewritten…but that is not God's way….preserve traditions and learn from the OTHER traditions only that brings POSITIVE EFFECTS. .!

  9. We have to look at science and technology also. After some research, we need to cancel the following. Plumbing, electricity, 90% of current agriculture production, the automobile, trains, planes, cotton for sure, space exploration, steel, modern medicine, more to come. This is why cancel culture equals equals cave man, it’s not even third world. The stupidest people shouldn’t dictate anything.

  10. This is what you get with corrupt devil worshipping lizard people swamp creatures and the media is a major part of why this is going on drain the swamp

  11. All branches of knowledge and culture throughout history are full of people who made great contributions while they themselves were flawed by current "conventions". Judging their contributions according to their moral "attractiveness" to us in terms of today's latest trendy memes will soon empty our museums and libraries as education implodes.

  12. Mind boogling that this is occurring at universities of all places.These people need to separate what is being specifically recognized/celibrated about these historical figures. I this case your recognizing their contribution to the world of art not for being a role model. I guess if we found out Einstein was a racist they would want to stop teaching the theory of relativty.

  13. The idea that universities should ran by the students and not the adults that built the institution is ludicrous. Somehow student opinion out weights experience and knowledge. So the institutions change philosophies and policies like a flag in the wind. Instead of a educated strong nation we have a divided nation weaker by the day.

  14. What about the black slaves who caught for the confederacy? No, NOBODY wants slavery or unequal rights. But that’s because we’ve “learned” from the history of our country/s. When you work to hide that history, YOU will be held responsible when the new generations aren’t taught about that history. Guess they want slavery again? Hmmm

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