Article: Men are giving up on college. Thoughts?

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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. I am not a fan of college unless you're going into a field that requires it. Don't fall for it either because I never went to college and I'm 30 I make 6 figures and I genuinely enjoy my career.

  2. I mean I never went, I just had the subjects I wished to learn more about over time and have acquired the skill set I have today and I know that is a similar situation for you, it is all about learning

  3. Yeah I went to a voc sch for 2 yrs and then college for 2 yrs, on the GI Bill. ( I did met alot of girls in college.) Anyway, the idea is "learn how to learn" in college. What I saw in college was people learning how to serve themselves first, while appearing to to serve "those in need". In the Corps, half of us were there to serve America and the Constitution first, and do what ever might need be done for Freedom. While drive to succeed is good, Some thought needs to be given to how you are free to do that, and if possible, volunteer to serve in the military – then go get rich. Now look, Afghantown was a one year mission. The Occupation was different – I get that. Iraq was even less defensible, so yeah, that is a good reason to not volunteer, but then there is the Coast Guard. But to get back to college, the other reason people go is to network future steppingstones, essentially to meet people you can call when you want a government contract, the fastest way to millions of dollars. The function of higher ed is mostly to replicate itself. I once listened to a prof give a lecture on the science of animals and how they select mates. He "quantified" the process using statistical analysis of data, which was generated with the newest high tech. it cost over a million bucks. As a result, more BS's, MA's and PhDs were lined up, more grant writing skills perfected, more research "needed". Quite possibly I missed something, there're lots of people smarter than me. What I did was follow my heart and intuition, here's a tip for all you young folks who want to be free: stick to the Truth, follow your heart, make mistakes, be ready to meet death any and every day. It was just luck I got to be old. Which BTW, is kind of over rated.

    Louis, keep up the good work, if you want me to keep watching. Anything you want to cover.

  4. Allot of the "more money" is bullshit. Almost all of the "more money" is social economic class. People of the social economic class who go to college make more money anyway from social connections. This effect of more money from college is more of statistical correlation not necessarily a causation. There you go. Some of my college education going to use for bitching.

  5. Any one who is the stereotyped meth head would likey be excluded out of the "educated" side of the venn diagram regardless of college status. A negative income will demolish the dollar Delta. P-hacking truly is wonderful.

  6. And as Charles Murray points out, statistically (or, to use your term, not "absolutely") people who get 4-year college diplomas have higher IQs than those who only have high school diplomas. It isn't necessarily the college diploma that results in higher earnings – it is the higher IQ.

    All things equal, IQ correlates with higher socio-economic status. Again, as you point out – there are smart folks who blow off college, and dumb-shits who have college degrees, but on average, IQ is corelated with years of education, and IQ is correlated with economic success.

  7. $$$$$ and lifelong debt! If the field you want to be in really requires it along with actual skills gained plus a masters then sure. Besides that, 4 year college/university is all about building a network with people in or connected to fields you are passionate about so that in the future, your business connections are strong. That's it. Saying that though, I would suggest to anyone about to graduate high school today, at least go to your local community college and get an AA knocked out while you forge your way through a trade school or whatever so at least if you want to change your path later in life, the tedious AA work is out of your way and you can focus on your major (again, only if actually needed for your field.

  8. Why would you pay big bucks to go into a hostile environment where professors tell you that you’re evil, feminist coeds try to frame you for sex abuse and the administration considers you guilty before you start? Guys can get a tech education and make big bucks while college morons go broke paying loans for useless degrees.

  9. This is what is called a "coincidental indicator". College, in most cases, has nothing to do with the income gap. Its starting social status, drive, luck, etc.

  10. Also, lets not forget that the most accurate predicter of someone's income later in life is their parents +/-5, and that richer parents will probably push harder for their kids to go to Uni.

  11. Male CS major. Computer Science is only good fora couple coding classes and Data Structures & Algorithms, everything else is just math. I'm in it to play the game but realistically I should have been able to get a coding job by applying my effort in calculus, physics, etc into self teaching and diligent practice instead.

  12. I gave up on college 2 terms in after quickly realizing my financial aid grants couldn't pay for it, I couldn't pay for it, nor could I get a job to pay for it.

    Now I'm a little afraid to go back because I don't really want to do a bunch of boring, unnecessary education that's going to cost a crap ton of money, just to forget everything I learned. I'm out of the college mood, and I probably wouldn't be this way if I just had the money in the first place :/

  13. Fair comment, Louis. The lesson is not only true in America. All over the world young people are being screwed over for tuition fees and end up owing huge debt which lasts into middle age. The financialised economy works for the already wealthy, not for the have nots. Economic inequality is much worse than 40 years ago.

  14. The biggest plus of college really is the fact that it brings a lot of smart and driven people together. Great way to network, of course with this comes the name brand of the school.

  15. College had two objectives: to broaden one's intellectual horizons, and to provide an avenue for socioeconomic mobility. Up until recently, things worked out pretty well.
    Then, around 30 years ago, the institutions became more conformist, enforcing a doctrine that would ostracize or boot out anyone who disagreed with it. The class mobility part still held up well, pretty much until the 2000s, so in a pragmatic sense, it was worth putting up with, but now that too has fallen apart. Universities are now just expensive 4 year summer camps for those who refuse to be challenged. STEM majors are still worth it, beyond that, it's a scam.

  16. I think it's a combination of being driven, and being lucky. College is useful if you know what you want out of it. If you don't, then you need to figure that out quick.

  17. Going to college before you know what you want to do feels like a giant mistake. I'm in my 30s now and I figured out what I want to pursue recently, something I'm able to just pour my heart into all day and am just now considering college. There is a misconception about college or at least a giant ambiguity when you're in highschool: they don't tell you that you're not specifically there to learn from courses and professors, but you're also there to learn from your peers and this can be tricky to understand when you're younger because not everyone is so used to learning from their peers or even consider it, they've all been conditioned to learn solely from the teacher and at the same time, your peers may not be keen on teaching. That's where friendships come in.

  18. Amazing, This is an argument I never heard about driven people going to college. And it TOTALLY makes sense.
    He's so smart and you can see by the number of comments vs views his videos get.

  19. Also the thing people are gonna completely, 100% gloss over in this video is the phrase "we are told". People just ignore and sweep that under the rug like it doesn't even fricken exist, gee, I wonder why, what are they trying to hide?? Could it be that we are actually heavily influenced by what our environment is telling us?? Oh gee, woWWWW! Shocker!!!!!

  20. I only thought about going to college to meet girls. I went to an open day, realised I'm probably not getting laid anyway so I didn't bother going. My life didn't change… I still don't get laid 😂

  21. i work in the staffing industry and we generally place people based on skill which we measure with various tests. However, if you want to climb the corporate ladder, you will probably need a degree because boards hate promoting anyone that doesn't have that juicy degree after their name on the rolodex. But if you just want to make money and dont care about promotions, you dont really need it. Look at a 2 year school instead, they are way cheaper and faster.

  22. hit it right on the nail. I’m in that boat. Feeling like I’m in a haze. Reading textbooks or hearing it from a teacher never stuck to me. I want to start my own locksmith business. I was a locksmith for 3 years, and learned a lot with on the job training. Been told I need to get a business degree if I want to start my own business. Not sure what to do because I really don’t know where to start either way. Thank you for your videos. Keep it up.

  23. Louis, I completely agree with you, I went to college, actually worked my way though my undergrad part-time with a full time job and I can honestly say that I learned more through working then I did sitting in a classroom. I went on to get my masters degree and accumulated a large amount of debt in the process, although I enjoyed my graduate program and did work in the field for awhile, I found that I enjoyed being my own boss and starting my own business more then simply have a job and working for someone else.