Artist cancelled for Ukraine-Russia peace mural

Florence Read meets cancelled street artist, Peter Seaton.

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Earlier this month, a mural of two soldiers embracing, one Ukrainian and one Russian, appeared on the side of a building in Melbourne. It was the work of Peter Seaton, an Australian street artist known for large-scale graffiti. The title he gave the work was ‘Peace before Pieces’. He describes it as a ‘meditation on the dehumanisation of war’.

He joined UnHerd to answer the question: is pro-peace art the next victim of tribal thinking?

Peter’s Instagram account: @Ctoart

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00:00 – 00:28 – Intro
00:28 – 01:30 – What was your response to the mural?
01:30 – 04:46 – What was the piece about?
04:46 – 06:01 – Covering over the work
06:01 – 08:32 – Has street art changed?
08:32 – 13:42 – Is Peter a war monger?
13:42 – 15:23 – What is his position as an artist?
15:23 – 22:11 – How do we minimise the chance of future wars?
22:11 – 22:49 – Outro

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  1. In the context of this war, this piece serves the russian propaganda narrative of "brotherly nations, one slavic people".It would be more helpful to show through your art the dark sides of russian culture and what they are doing in Ukraine than naive pacifism.

  2. Sure every invader wants peace but which peace will be for the invaded? It's like drawing a robber and robbed people hugging each other or a raped person hugging a raper. Victims will not see these drawings as a celebration of non-violence, won't they?

  3. And who the hell do these Ukrainians think they are? Are they the first people to ever get invaded. Atleast it's okay to punish someone for bring a neo Nazi but how about innocent Syrians, Palestinians etc who never banned minorities from speaking Thier languages etc?

  4. The hate and dehumanisation is on the Ukrainian ultranationalist side. Rightly or wrongly, Russians have regarded Ukrainians as brothers.

    People in Yugoslavia all got along until the US pursued its policy of dismemberment of the USSR and its allies (or indeed any non-aligned states).

  5. Clearly not aligned with the narrative. We experienced the same thing with COVID. This is a proxy war between the USA and Russia. Is anyone awake? The timing of this conflict was impeccable. The MSM and western governments would have us believe that Russia is responsible for all of the ills that the West is experiencing. It isn’t.

  6. It's OK to broadcast violent war-images every day at prime time, but God forbid a single sign of empathy between two of the pawns in that filthy game of power.

  7. We in the West have chosen to refuse a diplomatic solution; war is the only option recognized by NATO and it's Imperial Order. More than half the world sees things differently though. Art is art and often conveys an idea such as "peace before pieces". The Artist was trying to exercise his Freedom of Speech, a Natural Right.

  8. This kind of gaslighting from people in authority is unacceptable. It is our human right to object to something we find morally abhorrent. This artists vision simply portrayed compassion in a time more of this is needed.

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