As China’s Banks are on the Verge of Collapse

Allegations of crime and corruption are spreading through China’s small banks as more depositors are being locked out of their accounts with little hope they will get their money back. With the global economy heading into a recession, China’s banking system is on the verge of collapse.

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Written by Steven Van Metre


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  1. "My Shield investment strategy is as lazy as my video titles."

    Portfolio Shield -19.37% YTD (and counting) and tack on another 1% the guy takes as a mis"management" fee.

    Portfolio Shield Four ETFs:
    SPD -20.23% YTD
    QQD -29.69% YTD
    AGG -10.29% YTD
    TYA -24.68% YTD
    Average -21.22% YTD

    Let me know if you need help writing your updated "Fact Sheet" Steve. Maybe we can actually share some facts with your audience!

  2. The fast changing demographics and the end of yearly increase in economic expansion for the majority of high income and many middle income countries leaves the world in a situation it hasn’t seen since possibly the Black Death in Europe.

    The next few decades are going to be a chaotic time for the world, and the survival of the current system of economic globalization is at risk of collapsing.

    Be aware of the heightened risk of regional wars, and the risk of a economic or political collapse of any nation reliant on the free flow of resources from thousands of miles away! Countries reliant on others to secure their access to the global economic system are at a massive risk of being disrupted by any number of conflicts, both economic, and geopolitical.

    I just hope everyone around the world will make it through this difficult time without the horrors of war and famine… Sadly for many the war in Ukraine was one of the first signs of this new world we are moving into, and just think of the devastating consequences we have all already experienced, and the risk of famine and increased pressure on energy, food, fertilizer, and resources like metals caused by a single conflict. Now just imagine if the world was to see several regional conflicts like Ukraine, and the possible global catastrophe that could cause…

    The world is in for a drastic change, and we are moving into a world we have not seen in decades if not centuries, or maybe for the first time ever. Demographics are playing a role we just have not prepared for, the shrinking access to capital we will all face in the coming years will make those who have debts, or even have available capital both being hit hard at the same time… Of course having assets and minimal debt will help, but no one but the very rich will be unhurt by the coming future economic and geopolitical chaos…

    No one knows how this all will all shake out, so don’t believe anyone who says that they know! There are trends and big picture elements that will obviously push things in certain directions, but how, and in what order things occur, will have such far reaching effects no one knows exactly what we are all in for. Just stay informed and be as prepared as you can for this chaotic and challenging time ahead! Keep you head on straight, and be cautious, avoid being taken advantage of and keep your own personal information close to your chest. People often underestimate the lengths desperate people will go to manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal from you, and not always for profit, sometimes just due to jealousy. People are not always happy when they see someone successful, especially if they are doing well while other are suffering. This does not mean to stop being generous, and compassionate, just be aware of the capacity for evil that both people and governments have… So, protect yourself, and be careful and deliberate when you speak… And act…

    Stay informed, stay safe, stay compassionate, and stay diversified!

  3. The objective of these videos is 1) for SVM to augment his YouTube income since his clients must have abandoned him 2) to paralyse you into a state of inaction, inertia, and indecisiveness through a constant stream of fear, bad news and depression. Go look at the Chinese index. The market has bottomed and we have an emerging bull market as the Chinese are loosening financial conditions, whereas the rest of the world is tightening.

  4. Why arent we getting a big bear market rally? Because we are only down 20 big of a bear market rally are we supposed to get

    Most stocks arent even at an investable level yet

  5. Chinese policymakers thought their time had come when the West wrecked its own major economies in 2008.

    They didn’t realise the problems were inherent in neoclassical economics.

    They made the same mistakes after 2008 that we made before 2008.

    They saw the financial crisis coming.

    Davos 2018 – The Chinese know financial crises come from the private debt-to-GDP ratio and inflated asset prices

    The black swan flies in under our policymakers’ radar.

    They are looking at public debt and consumer price inflation, while the problems are developing in private debt and asset price inflation.

    The PBoC knew how to spot a Minsky Moment coming, unlike the FED, BoE, ECB and BoJ.

    A year later, and they had made further progress.

    Davos 2019 – The Chinese know bank lending needs to be directed into areas that grow the economy and that their earlier stimulus went into the wrong places.

    They had pumped bank credit into areas that don’t grow GDP, and the private debt-to-GDP had risen to a level they were on the verge of a financial crisis.

    Everyone does that with neoclassical economics, but they don’t usually see the financial crisis coming, like the US in 1929, Japan 1991 and US, UK and Euro-zone in 2008.

  6. Great show .
    Seem china getting it’s 2008 moment with a default crisis .
    They will have no choice to QE themselves suffering inflation .

    Japan is cracking , China is about to start QE to infinity soon and euro already suffering huge inflation .
    US flexing with raising interest rates and showing to the world the 🇺🇸 dollar is still king because the world needs 🇺🇸 consumers spending to make money !

    US showing they will risk a recession if the world really want to not fight fair -> unusual supply shocks persisting creating artificial inflation at the expense of the 🇺🇸?
    It’s a no no .
    The world has more US debts then the US themselves right ?

  7. Repentant are, SOON, Raptured from the Planet.
    Reprobates Remain AND Destroy the Planet.

    Return of Believers at 2nd Coming to a Renewed Planet.

  8. man, how much money did the global elite make from the 2020 crash and then 2 year pump, now they're draining everything again to make even more… these players pump and dump markets into oblivion as millions squabble and die, divide and conquer hey friends? what a picturesque moment in history

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