As Liquidity Troubles Threaten to Topple the Financial System

Get your money out before it’s too late as liquidity problems continue to spread as more firms are freezing accounts and limiting withdrawals. It’s not over yet for the bond market, which will soon rally as inflation collapses.

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Written by Steven Van Metre


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  1. It’s “crypto”❗️. Your narrative intentionally obfuscates that fact. When you’re intentionally blurring that line, it calls into question your personal integrity and ultimately how trustworthy the information on your You Tube channel is. 😟👎

  2. Could you focus on empowering us by telling us more of what we can do? If we get out of the housing market…where do we go? Any positivity ever?

  3. What you’re missing, Steve, is that demand is INELASTIC for things like food and gas. The demand won’t come down. Only demand for luxury goods will crash, but the CPI doesn’t measure that. Think.

  4. 6.12 contagion and counter-party risks are very interesting indeed. Like watching a multi-car pile up on a freeway.

    You put together some excellent material for this show Steve. It has a lot of zest and sparkle.

    I had to run it at 0.75 on youtube play back settings, still.

    You would double your subscriptions very quickly if you heeded the tip of going at about half the pace you do.

    Not everyone is as mentally athletic as you, you know.

    Great job Steve. Well worth the watch 💫

  5. I "owed it to myself" to "check it out" for YOU! Here are some Portfolio Shield facts that, for some strange reason, Steve neglects to share publicly:

    It has a -19.37% YTD return, with a 1% mismanagement fee.

    Hypothetical Performance chart data is used (with a barely legal fine print disclaimer) to show amazing "returns" dating back to 2007, despite the fact that the inception date was 2015.

    It uses "The 4 ETFs", of which you can buy for your own account if you so choose and not have to pay Steve 1% to lose your money for you.

    Pretty disgraceful to not share that key information with his viewers…

  6. 8.42
    You: fed balance sheet is heading negative (on the year over year rate of change) in blue on the chart
    Then you say…the consumer price in red of the chart is coming lower – well are you sure, you aren't drawing a long bow there Steve?

    On your chart it is very high, there a teenie little blip, but no evidence on that chart that CPI is going lower? No that I see, at all.

    I know it is all lagging indicators as you say but there are many macro factors…that you don't include in your discussions at all, I might add.

    I have mentioned them before, like WW3 which still doesn't get a mention, despite 300,000 thousand NATO troops being drployed wigh 8 NATO countries on high alert just now. And Putin deploying nuclear missiles for use before year end.

    None of this is covered, and I don't know what the impact of war is and no one knows the impact of firing nuclear missiles…but if dupply is limited, I would guess prices eould continue to be drive higher.

    Tell me if I am wrong of course.

    Best regards always.

  7. I just took my life savings out of an investment product that was going downhill… i tried looking around for other less risky products and there is just nothing… theyre all going downhill and that from the end of last year or even earlier… i literally dont know what to do with the money… i might just try an old fashioned deposit even tho the interest is trash… but at least its not -10%

  8. When you say 'get your money out' what does that mean? I understand that you.might reduce exposure to stock markets, crypto etc but are you also talking about the risk of not getting funds from banks?

  9. 11.08
    Yeah, that copper story is a shocker!

    What does that say for renewables (energy) and electric cars eh? They are castles in the sand.

    Wiped out of the current decades dreams by WW3.

    Goodbye Tesler…going go zero 🥶

  10. 11.51
    Gas prices start coming down?

    Really if gas supply is cut, how will prices fall?
    That must be your biggest stretch here you're doing the splits there's that for nimble? Jerome lol

  11. The easiest way to control ignorant people is to instill FEAR on them! Just a plan for the banks and other institutions to own these exchanges at low prices and control it all. The same banks shorting the exchanges are the ones putting out these news. All a bunch of hypocrisies! This was their reasons for getting all these ETF's and stuff against the crypto exchanges.

  12. Kendall Report said institutional investors floor was 30k. We are well below that floor and I can see contagion and loss of savings from my 401k. Even if I never even chose to invest in this ponzi scheme mess.

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