As Stocks Tumble Due to Evergrande Collapse, BlackRock, UBS and HSBC Buy the Dip
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  1. Thanks Holly. I agree with you about this issue. I think Black Rock will be buying up lots more real estate soon due to all the people who are behind on rent and mortgages during the pandemic. Even though money was appropriated to assist people in need, it doesn’t seem that the money ever got to them. The government seems to want to create the public perception that they are helping our citizens, but it’s really just another opportunity for private equity firms like Black Rock to get even wealthier.

  2. Hi, Holly! My life has been in turmoil and I haven't been keeping up lately. PLEASE watch The Con documentary and comment on it on your show. EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO SEE HOW CORRUPT OUR SYSTEM IS, and this documentary shows it. You will be horrified.
    Spoiler alert: The banks created the 2008 housing crisis.

  3. Not enough attention is given to the private banking consortium that is the Federal Reserve. It's a debt monetary system that creates perpetual debt and extracts physical assets when debts cannot be paid. It's the greatest scam of all time. The constitution says Congress SHALL HAVE THE POWER to coin money and assert the value thereof. Without charging interest to itself. Unfortunately Congress gave that power away in 1913 to private bankers. It's been all downhill since. Nevertheless Congress can pass a law taking it back and abolishing the Fed and it's debt monetary system. But will it? Not with the people we currently have in office……….

  4. Bill Gates already owns the most farmland in the country. It would not surprise me to learn that other real estate is owned by foreign entities. I'd heard that businessmen in China have been buying up foreclsed homes in the US. Not much surprises me anymore.

  5. Wow, you look more gorgeous by the day!
    I never understood your blond fase but dark is absolutely your color.
    Don't want to be superficial I am just happy you're doing well❤

    Greetings and salutations from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.😉

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