Ashley Biden’s Diary: Behind The Infamous LEAK That Put Project Veritas On The Map

Publisher at National File, Noel Fritsch, takes Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinky inside his story of how Ashley Biden’s diary went public. #AshleyBiden #ProjectVeritas #BidenDiary

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  1. Mainstream journalists dont pay for stuff? Did you read the Inspector Generals report on the FBI? Horowitz identified hundreds of instance and tens of thousands of dollars in "gifts" given to FBI sources by members of the media.

  2. So this show is not about the content just babbling? I am interested in FACTS. Proof. I am disappointed in this atleast this episode. Is this show all about babbling or are there any proven facts?

  3. So, the media publishing or obtaining tax information from Donald Trump is OK.
    But when you publish information from someone's dairy that depic the degenerate behavior of the so called "president", well, that's bad.

  4. Do you liberals still think that Republicans are "fascists" and "authoritarians" after seeing that the federal government is targeting and punishing their political opponents?

    Mexicans have a saying that goes like this:
    No hay peor ciego que el que no qiuere ver.
    If you're interested in what this means go look it up online or something

  5. Is it me or does anyone else thinks that it is strange that both of Joe Biden's kids have to go rehab. I wish Ashly Biden only the best on her recovery, but she left her diary at a drug rehab facility in Florida? The Biden kids seem to love leaving a trail of crumbs behind for everyone to follow.

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