Asking Voters: Has Biden Accomplished ANYTHING?

The Daily Wire’s Cabot Phillips takes to the streets of Nashville, TN to ask voters to rate Joe Biden’s presidency thus far. Cabot also asks voters if they can recall the last time they actually saw Joe Biden make a public appearance.

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Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. No remorse cuz i wanted trump, i didn't care if I put a half brained nit wit in office, lol I'd ask her, ok….i understand….if youre family built from the ground up a multi million dollar company that employs thousands of employees with famlies to support, would you want you want Blo Bidum as the CEO calling the shots for the future of your company?

  2. Black dude is so ignorant it’s shameful couldn’t say one good thing Biden it done and if it was to get rid of trumps than what was bad about them and why isn’t and why is Biden doing worse things than Trump was accused up

  3. The sheeple that voted Democrap should be ashamed and stay inside even after all covid mandates. No brain power or awareness comes from these people just hate for Trump, the nation builder. Now we have puppets destroying constitutional rights on the daily.

  4. Democrats – I voted and like him cause free stuff and orange man bad.
    Me – So you voted for ruining our economy and for PedoJoe to reverse everything good Trump had put in motion…. Can we not only get voter ID but also voter IQ tests?

  5. Biden voters are like a cult of low expectations. They rate him at 50% for doing nothing they can point to. I'm going to bet that if these Biden supporters co workers that share the workload or their employees were performing as well as Biden is that their rating would drop drastically. I find it very interesting that Democrats are extremely vocal about politics but all they seem to care about are the words. Words alone get Democrats a pass, a pay check and life long benefits. Action is entirely optional., That explains A LOT!!!!!

  6. Wow, after everything that has happened the past year, there are still fools walking around the US, clueless as to what is happening. People need to pay closer attention