Assange Birthday: Statement from veteran Australian journalist Mary Kostakidis

Written by Consortium News


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  1. We are all Julian while he remains imprisoned. You are a hero and for simply telling the truth, the truth about the crimes committed by our so-called Democratic nations, you cannot be with your wife and children. If I could, I would take you out of those walls that keep you shut away from us, the people. But they, "UK" and "USA", will never keep you out of our minds and hearts. We are with you, always. Rebecca H. Sussman

  2. “By defending Julian Assange, we defend our most sacred rights. Speak out now of wake up one morning to the silence of a new kind of tyranny. The choice is ours.” – John Pilger

  3. I'm one of julians biggest supporters but let me tell you one thing 98% of people in the UK are not on his side the media did a brilliant job in smearing his reputation with the Sweden allegations and unfortunately people still believe he did wrong so have zero sympathy they also believe julian is arrogant and full of his own self importance and these people are in fact socialists too. People think he was mad to publish hillary Clinton's private emails onto the Internet when he was already being perused inside the London embassy. I want nothing more for Julian to be free, but he has little public support in the UK. Joe Biden is another bad one there's no way he will drop the case. Its not coming from him it's coming from Donald trump and Joe Biden is obviously cut from the same cloth as him a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I hate to say it. But poor Julian should not have messed with the bad guys because as we have seen there clearly the elites who are curupt and above the law

    You don't take them on you don't mess with them and if you do they will punish you forever.

    Julian is trapped and nobody cares because the majority of the population which are highly uneducated believe julian did in fact do wrong.

    He will obviously be extradited to the USA something that the people in the UK have known for a long time it's on the news.

    The only people who still think he has a chance of getting off are his supporters but they have got to be deluded by now to think he can win on appeals.

    If the European courts of human rights suspend it he will still remain in prison

    I fear he will never see the outside world again

    As a fan and a supporter of julian

    I would like to ask him was any of it really worth it

    And secondly, shout at him for destroying his own life

    I'd say to him. Why the hell did you do it. And what were you thinking.

    Of course I'm angry at him because he's in a hole he can't get out off

    But he brought it upon himself.

    At the same time I admire and love his courage and determination

    But in hindsight I wish he had not have done it.

    It wasn't worth it.

    Did it change the world


  4. Julian Assange showed the world how corrupt and evil all western governments are. Australian -politicians of both political persuasions have shown that they are puppets of the US, shame on them.

  5. It's ironic that a so-called democratic nation which values transparency in government would pursue someone so vigorously for their role in enabling that transparency. And what does it say about the character of a nation when it's citizens rebuke someone for exposing the evils and criminality committed by their fellow countrymen? Obviously Afghani lives aren't as important as Ukrainians.

  6. It's never wrong to do the right thing. People in the US military committed war crimes and should be brought up for trail in Geneva.. JA exposed this and should have the presidential treatment

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