Assange Case Update: Prosecution Still Clinging To Desperate Smears

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From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.
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Artwork by Storie Grubb

Written by Ron Placone

Ron Placone is a comedian, producer/writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, contributor to TYT Nation and this is his home on YouTube.



    I rewrote this official White House petition to Pardon Julian Assange because the similar petition I found there was unsignable. I believe Julian Assange to be a hero, and that attempts to extradite him represent an unprecedented existential threat to press freedom in the United States. Like Glenn Greenwald, Joe Rogan, Oliver Stone, Jimmy Dore, Daniel Ellsberg, Mike Gravel, & many others, I also feel that Trump should pardon Edward Snowden. Trump has suggested that he will give this serious consideration (and I'm sure he is looking for any way he can foster support and gain approval), and so I urge anyone reading this to sign this petition and let your voice be heard. TY.

  2. The Prosecution is "Watergating" this lame farce they call a court of justice. The U.S. government is a gang of strong arm thugs and most countries know it but they cower before the U.S. bullying. The judge in this court is a blatant puppet for the cowardly British government.