Assange precedent: BBC targets independent journalists – Vanessa Beeley on UK Column News

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Written by vanessa beeley


  1. BBC is feeling they are losing the power of persuasion ansd they see Beeley and others are winning because viewers are persuaded by facts and not just claims and propogandist interviews.

  2. Thanks Vanessa!

    Does anyone with their own mind actually believe anything the BBC or the British Gov says?

    Isolation, Division, Fear and Confusion = Trauma Based Mind Control

    And no, I'd wouldn't call the BBC a news outlet!

  3. Truth and the bbc are strangers, it is now a department of the government providing propaganda, intelligence information and subversive agents. Nothing it does benefits the British people. Keep being a thorn in the bastards side and telling the truth.

  4. You know you're above the target when taking that kind of flak, but you know that already. May our Creator guide and protect you further as you expose the truth of matters.

  5. You know you're doing something right when the BBC are instructed to do a hit piece on you. BBC is the state sponsored propaganda organisation that self identifies as a news outlet and pays people to attack journalists. The BBC promotes compliance, obedience, conformity and considers any staff who question its deviants as traitors. The role of the BBC is to prevent independent thought by any means.

  6. Funny how the devil(s) is/@re trying to gain total control of the "game", while there is a way superior intelligence watching from above!! Satan is only a phony "P.T." (prick teaser)! Big loser just before the game is over.

  7. OMG! It's impossible to post to Vanessa's twitter!
    Stay strong, Vanessa! You are fighting for all of us. God Bless you!
    It seems my Twitter account has gone down!

  8. Thank you for all your selfless work Vanessa. Anybody with a brain can clearly see you are a precious gem in the truth war between real journalism like yourself and the obvious propaganda hacks like the BBC and the liars at CNN as well as all the other white washers. Please keep on persevering because you make such an impact on all of us that know truth from deception. God Bless You Vanessa.