Assange Stitched Up by the Feds

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  1. All federal institutions like fbi, cia, nsa, atf, need to be drastically reduced if not outright abolished. The fbi commits more crimes than it prevents.

  2. I know nobody cares but I'm pretty sure it's THORdarson. Icelandic has initial stress. I believe it ultimately comes from a name meaning something like "The army of Thor's peace" which is kind of badass. Assuming Thordar, which given icelandic naming convention would be the man's father, comes from a combination of Tord which is from Torfrid meaning "Thor's peace" and -herr meaning "army of" similar to how Einar comes from Einherr meaning "the army of one" or basically a one man army. I love Nordic names!

  3. I'm glad you mentioned Jimmy Dore. He's a bit too left for my tastes, but I highly respect the man for being honest. He pushed back hard against Russia Gate (which I believe is the main reason he drifted away & eventually left The Young Turks). He's also a strong anti-war/anti-interventionist. I wish there were more people on both sides of politics like him.

  4. The attempts to make a 'Saint' of of Assange is an odd one given his been a scum bag to everyone that has tired to help him over the years , from losing some poor sole thousands in bale money when he totally did a runner for no reason, to claiming a speed camera that had been there for years was 'spying on him', to abusing the staff at the embassy to such an extent that they could not wait to get rid of him , and of course his inability to keep his trousers on. The past part had to be physically threating the Guardian's editor with 'copyright infringement' over information he only got thanks to a leak in the first place. One thing he surely not short off is 'ego' pumped up to those willing and happy to kiss his ring , not the one on his hand .

  5. All the people of the world should unite and rise up to destroy all governments. Governments are the enemies of the people. They don't work for us, so they've all got to go.

  6. Why is the UK Government going along this persecution ? Putting someone in solitary confinement indefinitely just because they missed a day in court is certainly a bit excessive.