Assange Update: Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Testifies for the Defense

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In this video we discuss the testimony of defense witnesses Daniel Ellsberg and John Goetz. Goetz, formerly of Der Spiegel, speaks about his experience working with Julian Assange. During the afternoon session Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg takes the stand and demonstrates support for Julian Assange. Includes statements from journalist and Don’t Extradite Assange (DEA) Campaign member John Rees.

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Julian Assange:
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Author: David G Silvers.

Written by acTVism Munich


  1. why are Governments doing those things on which one has to blow whistles? doesn't it make everybody thinks as to what is it being hidden.. when you have nothing to hide except your ingenue ideas technology engineering marvels advanced space programs that is all what one has to hide.

  2. This is nothing short of a travesty and a threat to journalism everywhere. The only crime committed are those of corrupt governments. It's a kangaroo court.

  3. I don't know about other countries and Assange, but, what did he do to affect the US besides making Hilary Clinton and her democrat cohorts angry by making them look bad etc. with published E mails? This is indeed a travesty! Julian should be freed !

  4. Since the Obama Administration, the United States has been withdrawing itself from EVERY International Court and Tribunal. There is a reason for this. The United State authorities wanted the creation of these International Tribunals for other countries, but not them. The US specifically wants their internal law to be extraterritorial. They enforce these internal laws through these Extradition Treaties which are specifically designed to be one sided in their favor. You will NEVER hear that the United States withdraws from an Extradition Treaty. Quite the opposite, they have stronger armed almost every single country into signing an Extradition Treaty with the United States. These are what we need to eliminate (Extradition Treaties). If a person or company violates a law in another country, they need to be tried in their own country, under the laws and legal parameters of their own country.

  5. Why does Britain care about a truthful Australian journalist? Why does Britain not care about the murder of Harry Dunn by Anne Sacoolas? Free Julian Assange! Already!!!

  6. The cases of whisleblowers:
    ●Assange and Snowden

    ●Those poeple are prosecuted because they broke the law.
    ●because they extracted the documentation of the crimes through breaking the law
    ●but the law was broken for a dignified and integer reason

    ■■the unveiling of the crimes and corruption of the ruling force■■

    ●in this cases when the reason is to uncover the crimes
    ●and corruption of the ruling force
    ●the laws must not hold grip–
    ●--should not prosecute them for they uncover the crime of the ruling force.

    Dont you see this?


  7. Australian government won't help him because they are caught up in an even bigger scandal of helping to try and oust a sitting president of United States

  8. Thank heaven for Daniel Ellsberg. The only people harmed by the release by Wikileaks data is the US establishment, including prideful Hillary Clinton. Her born to rule mentality demeans her overall credibility regarding Assange.

  9. By punish him, USA send warnings to all those who dare to tell the truth on WARS, NARCOTRAFFIC, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, SEX CHILD ABUSE, HUMAN RIGHTS, ETC, ET, so every body must follow Washington fake rethoric

  10. I can’t wait to figure how I can use my USPTO provisional Patent and Trademark ID or Case # etc.. as my password so I dare you F$&ing scumbags to use it to get into my email. Soon or later, I’ll find you! Lol Someone punch in my Patent/trademark ID #? Lol Your finished Israeli and Pentagon douche bags?????

  11. Interesting that they vilify, torture and crucify Assange but refuse to go after the criminals that he helped expose.
    That tells us all we need to know about our fine Stately government's.

  12. They are killing him with radiation no doubt in my mind. One more thing the uniformed degree holders will forget about if they haven't already. No sign of this story from network (State) Media in the US. Thanks for what you do!

  13. Hillary Clinton is behind all this. She should be in jail not Julian Assange. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!!!!!! Get the real criminals behind bars. What they doing to him is so inhuman. Where is the justice? The maintenance media is more crooked than anyone else, Julian Assange is a hero.

  14. Thanks so much for letting us know. I’m really sick over this. This truly looks like a Nazi her many proceeding, the Queen of England should be very ashamed! Communist filth!