Assange’s father speaks out, calls oppression of WikiLeaks founder a “great crime of 21st century”

An extended interview with Julian Assange’s father John Shipton, who condemns the US, UK, and Australian governments for their “11 years of ceaseless psychological torture” of the WikiLeaks publisher.


Interview by Denis Rogatyuk

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  1. 9/11 was an inside job. Don't hear much about that these days, do we? Now it's the Fort Detrick "pandemic" that somehow isn't killing enough of us fast enough.

  2. Free Julian! But for Wikileaks, we would never have known how Harry. K. Thomas (aka "Kala Jahangir") refused to allow a military coup in 2002 – costing Bangladesh countless lives in hartals, and more! (A coup was finally allowed in January 2007 when a third failed experiment in democracy-building in a Muslim country loomed.)

  3. Funny that Bari Weiss is a signatory of the Harper's Free Speech letter, but Assange was not asked to sign.
    Maybe the Harper's letter was "free speech for me and not for thee"…

  4. Not sure why Assange is idolized so, seems like a lazy narcissist who has his charms. And I doubt he has any truly noble intentions. That doesn't mean he deserves to be treated this way by the various governments, I'd stop wasting time and money on him if I were them.

  5. The world is a better place because of Julian Assange and his dad.
    Regardless of what happens.
    The people who offer consular assistance have made the world a poorer place due to their existence.

  6. Haber si Jorge ramos aprende algo de real news cuz I really hate Univisión and their lies I love Julian assage from Mexico

  7. The Australian government is a joke. They are harping about human rights and yet they cannot even uphold the human rights of her own citizen.
    Shame on you Australia. Nobody would take you seriously. If they need something, they would just talk to your master.

  8. Thx4post ?bless Transparency journalist Julian Assange his father & family.. USA UK & Australia wake up & Free Julian ..compensate him for his torture

  9. ???????? Boris could get Julian released ? but my toe nail clippings are worth more than that Lying bungling Self serving Thieving Piece oF oF oF ??????? words fail me for an apt description of this person who is NOT fit for purpose , ?????????? stay Safe all you good people out there ?????,