Assassinat de John F. Kennedy

Written by Le Point

Fondé en 1972, « Le Point » est un magazine français d’information générale. Il est diffusé chaque semaine à 400 000 exemplaires et occupe la première place des magazines d’actualité en ventes kiosque.


  1. The headshot comes from the front. I did it frame by frame. Just as the bullet strikes Kennedy's head, it hits the right front. Each frame thereafter, the back of his head stays completely intact. Just what it says…Back and to the left, back and to the left. It was no doubt, a Conspiracy.

  2. 3 shots one man with a Carcano sniper one shot hit him in the neck then he shot a chunk of his head in the second shot the third shot hit and killed a officer, the sniper was found in the building were Lee shot him. but he was still armed with a pistol. Until they caught him.

  3. All things aside, does anyone notice how when she turns and reaches for the rear, she actually pushes his head? Notice the very telling and small details. She just pushes his head…