Assessing scientific papers and using evolutionary logic (from Livestream #126)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #126 (originally streamed live on May 07, 2022):


Have People Been Given the Wrong Vaccine? By Martin Kulldorff:

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In this 126th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. Peer review. One of the greatest losses of my lifetime has been the ability to believe the science establishment. The percentage of "peers" — particularly in medical science — that have sucumbed to political malignancy is unknown, but high. Without truth and transparency "science" is just another form of propaganda.

  2. Peer review haha. You usually get : Reviewer1: great paper only minor changes. Reviewer 2: good paper need some improvement.
    Reviewer3: complete crap should never be published anywhere.
    Editor rejects paper because World expect 3 hates it.
    Problem: he hated the authors more than the scientific results. And he was working on a similar subject and simply wanted to kill the paper to get his own published. And of course reading the paper came in handy to get his post docs to work.

  3. You talk under the assumption that viruses are real and proven. Can you point to a study where a virus has been isolated purified and shown to cause a specific disease, according to Koch s postulates? And how are viruses distinguished from exosomes or other cellular debris? If a virus multiplies to the point of killing someone , why cant they see it under an electron microscope in a sample taken from a sick person but instead have to resort to cultures ?

  4. “Dr. Been” recently did an interview with an AZ vaxxed patient who was in a study done by the NIH for the vax injured. Extremely scary outcome for her and the 25 in that group study. Might wanna check it.

  5. … money used to be in the hands of tolerable and lawful and those that defend life, instead cults are raging and cults will like the world isolate and kill you if you don't join.. its a bit strange…

    Larry horsemen, affected all the children of my mom through his cirmes.. No help from law… family robbed of their centuries of work and within conflict form crazy groups… and robbed… forced to americanize.. only to retreat to candy, which then is a exile land of criminals that become migrating in.. where as then inflation combined with crime. allows criminals to rule over osicety with their mega wealth and entrap themselves amongst tares.. in the system…. If we look at conflict and loss.. and track it.. the person or nomad with nothing always has something to gain form murder… where someone defending their house always has something to not lose from defending be it knowledge,e culture, law cilvity etc, by defending civil realm.. in this time frame we live in a wild lawless system of the pseudo scientific world to some degree. it was in the writing. just so much dogma and hatred taught… -.-

  6. We all trust,respect and appreciate your logic/scientific track record.
    That said- we all know- "good luck with that" statement is definitely the OVERWHELMING, unlikely event of acknowledgment from- current Gov,CDC,mainstream health, Media, Pharm, and the like!

  7. I would agree that there's no doubt that the calculated signal looks positive for the adenovirus vector vaccines. BUT, why would we trust any of the data produced by AZ any more than the data from Pfizer et al? We know that the latter committed scientific and criminal fraud during their studies. I have no reason to suspect that AZ is any better.

  8. Kinda amusing seeing him casually say that people would want a normal type of jab for this or anything in the future. Brett, you really underestimate how much public trust in medicine has been lost.

  9. The pseudourylated mRNA vaccines ERASE immunity to the coded antigen. I believe this is why they wear off while the adenovirus vectors don’t. At the same time the adenovirus vectors appear to be more dangerous in the short-term. I thought they might be safer depending on the tropism of the vector since it can’t invade every kind of cell without discrimination like the LNPs apparently do but it appears the vector infects cells that are dangerous to be infected.

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