Assoc Professor Dr Gilbert Berdine: ‘It’s no longer science, it’s a religious cult.’

The state of Victoria, Australia is about to lose 500-2,500 teachers today (28th April 2022) because of a legal mandate to receive a vaccine booster. It’s beyond urgent that we have robust and honest discussions about the medical and legal validity of mandates and build political pressure on governments to follow the science.

Dr Gilbert Berdine is an associate professor at Texas Tech University with degrees in chemistry and life sciences from M.I.T. and medicine from Harvard University.

Dr Berdine is a lecturer and attending physician, having treated many patients with Covid-19, as well as a published academic in peer-reviewed journals.

One of the earliest voices to predict the failure of lockdowns, Dr Berdine turns his attention to Australia in this interview to discuss the illusion of lockdown success, the ethics of vaccine mandates, and whether the claim ‘safe and effective’ is valid.

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  1. Right at the start of the pandemic nurses were told not to look outside of the gov releases for information which goes against their training which encouraged them to find information from many sources.

  2. Love Discernable channel! It's great to see an Australian media outlet that a open to critical conversations and give the smaller Aussies representation. Keep up the good work, people will start looking for the truth and they will find it.

  3. It is appalling that this BS is continuing and making teachers have this third shot is beyond. And then the Andrews grubberment brings in overseas workers to fill the gaps. But there are still so many gaps.
    I pray this latest report the Age has come out with discussing that our dictator has been before the IBAC regarding the culture of corruption, that is my word, can't recall what the Age termed it. The misuse of funds continues. The nepotism is rife etc etc. So unfortunately for these teachers we have to wait until November. I pray that Andrews is thrown out asap along with the police…They work hand in glove and not as they should, it is all corrupt.

  4. I was booking my vaccination and then the government said they were going to mandate it. I thought, "that's never happened before let me look into this a bit more." Never got it, fought to not have my son vaccinated. My son (14yo) got covid (if you can even trust a PCR test), sore throat and a cough for two days. I never even got sick. His mother triple vaccinated (mandated for work) was sick for over a week with fever, shakes, headaches etc maybe the conspiracy here is that the government cares about you and the industry that makes billions from sickness wants to make you healthy.

  5. The dirty gubbermint did not even investigate theraputics like IVM. Proven to work in South Africa (abject poverty means people live on top of one another) and in Uttar Predesh with a population of over 250mill. Hows them apples Greg CHunt?

  6. Start by arresting those in the organized crime syndicate known as GOVCO & we may all be able to break this cult's hold on the weak & vulnerable. These people are killers all walking free & it is truly abhorrent. So many dotards enable these criminals. As well as many corrupt police / freemasons!

  7. Look to history to see how the scum in power use the same tactics over & over to not push the people too far. Then look at how they do the exact same today only with better tech at their control. Maybe then people may realize that the government is the absolute face of evil by doing it's bidding. Most people are asleep at the wheel their entire lives & no clue who they are, where they are or what they are. SHEEP!

  8. To this day, I cannot understand how gullible and brainwashed the average person is. The correct information is everywhere including government, medical and the drug company websites. They are not vaccines. They do not prevent transmission or infection. They are not approved anywhere in the world! They are released under an EUA in America, under provisional approval in Australia and under similar circumstances elsewhere. This is not rocket science. All it takes is a small amount of googling and if you do a large amount of googling, the facts will blow your mind! Oh well… The sheep prefer sleep.

  9. So many rules rewritten, so much prior experience ignored, and far faaar too much hysteria for me to not at least question it. In past years, discernment might've saved you a buck, now it might save your life…

  10. We are in a state of war. The worms in our political system do not adhere to the law they are making up their own rules. The trouble is everyone is in debt so they are afraid of losing everything so they comply. The seed of the biting serpent is running the show for its little season.

    A primitive root; to strike with a sting (as a serpent); figuratively, to oppress with interest on a loan: – bite, lend upon usury.

  11. I brought a business 2 weeks before this light cold hit us. I was given the option get the shots or go totally bankrupt.
    This country is a shit hole. As an ex soldier I'd join Isis before enlisting to help this filthy place.

  12. Time is not on the side of politicians, drug companies or the vaxxed. More truth will come out, more people will suffer and die. And history will prove the honesty or lack of it when the books are written. Strange how some information on the vaxx will not be released for 75years. So basically everyone 10years old today will be dead or fast approaching it.

  13. This isn't a vaccine as this is a attack on the human race as this is a plan for the agenda 2030-2050 plan.
    This is going to be the start of the plan for the agenda 2030 as she'll be replacing these ones with ones overseas that aren't just defence forces as this will be part of the Marshal Law going forward. There are a few bills being passed at the moment while many of us been distracted by the media about covid 19 which is by the way a "smije screen". You got the covid 19 health response bill 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 bill that'll change soon to in August this year to covid 19 emergency response bill 2022 that'll be the one that UN and WHO takes over about at least a good 120 countries that be signed up and away 9ur freedoms and rights. You've got the digital ID bill that's coming in and that one is going to be a stinger too. You've also got the foos shortages that will lead to famine, being sent to concentration camps or somewhere else in a whole mass, credit rating system, digital currency, waters being tampered with, our food will then have the MRNA and other ingredients from the vaccines in it, humans becoming AIs, forced vaccines, weather's being controlled, what you see at night being controlled and being watched, and the list goes on. History is repeating itself worldwide again now based on what happened along with the movies that were giving us subtle hints on the future.

    There were so many people in the past who also warned us as well. It was shared in the history as history is repeating itself worldwide again now but more importantly that it's a spiritual warefare and psychological warefare as well as also knowing what we can do for ourselves to keep safe of what's to come.

  14. Their plan has backfired as the vaccine they were "Sold" isn't what they got.
    Big Pharma are in trouble because the Gen X generation have now hit the board rooms of the medical industry and are starting to see this for what it really is. Notice that the Boomers where the first to be targeted for vaccines? That's because they are the same people that got coned into changing diet in the 60s and 70s and the ones who got caught up in the fad of low-fat high carb diets in the 80s, they are a marketer's dream generation because they are seen as influential in the family unit.
    Gen X on the other hand are a more sinical generation and that's why they had to tread carefully with Gen X and sell it more slowly.
    GenY and Z were sold it as a "Don't make granny sick" slogan. This was all a marketing strategy, not a science project.

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