Atlanta Cops CALL OUT In MASSIVE “Blue Flu,” Mayor Panics Begging For Help But Other Depts Say NO

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  1. I hate to say this but I honestly think it's going to get to a point where normies, people already with guns and first time gun owners are going to finally be pushed to the edge and say enough is enough and start gunning down everyone that is apart of this mob anti American mentality. I mean If that's the extreme end of what it's going to take to stop the left from destroying our country and shutting everyone else up who disagrees with their opinion and their cancel culture, ultimately that's going to be the "true" second civil war in our country, people getting fed up with this far leftist Marxist bullshit and we literally start killing them all wether it be in the streets or going door to door hunting them down. I know it sounds extreme but what other choice do we have when our voices can't be heard against them with our governments at every level not caring just appeasing them? Extreme Violence will be met with even more extreme violence, you can only bully someone for so long before they get up…

  2. This mayor is forgetting that these police officers most of them have a wife and children no amount of money in the world is going to make me take a job like that when most certainly now if there's a violent confrontation I'm going to die because I can't defend myself

  3. Those that are still with the Atlanta P.D. as hard as it is, if you suspect a person to be driving while drunk, turn around, let it go especially if the driver is black, DUI drivers go from cooperative to piss-off to combative and back to being jovial that's what most DUI suspects do. Hard choice but at least you stay out of prison. Let Atlanta become the drunk driving capital of the U.S.??

  4. Tim, you need to do a little more research on Rayshard Brooks. His stipulations for probation were he couldn't drink, he couldn't see his children or his estranged girlfriend. He had done all those things. The probation would have sent him back to prison FOR LIFE for just one of them, he had more then a dozen cases of child endangerment, assault, aggravated assault, domestic battery etc etc etc. There was NO WAY he was going to see the outside of a prison cell again, so he tried to run… Knocking one officer unconscious, stealing a weapon from that officer then firing that weapon at another officer…
    It is even worse then you are saying here lolol. This person was clearly trying to kill the cops… Fuck this DA, fuck this DA with a noose!

  5. George floyd died of a combination of meth and fentanyl according to the autopsy. I normally hate cops because they are bad by defult in my opinion because none protect the constitution they are policy enforcers not peace officers there is a legal destiction between the two. America has been subverted at all levels. End the fed bring back sound money. 2A defend yourself people civil war soon.

  6. Unbelievable .When will people see what is really going on. Police reform where? What about reform for teachers, Dr's., nurses, etc. They're bad people everywhere. The ones who didn't walk well it's Atlanta.

  7. I very seldom stand up for the oinkers because some of them are a bunch of cvnts but in this case I will. The the fact that brooks assaulted the 2 officers was a convicted felon who had a rap sheet as long as my arms, after he assaulted both officers he stole a taser which is a lethal weapon and ran off and when he couldn’t he turned and fired said taser at the officers and as they had been trained returned fire planting lethal wounds on this fvcker brooks but in an act of humanity rendered first aid but fvcker brooks died, ( oh dear how sad never mind, in case you’re wondering I’m being very sarcastic). How fvcker brooks slipped through the net is a question for more clever people than me but as I’ve said in an earlier post the charges laid on the officers are so outlandish and disproportionate that any half decent jury will find both officers not guilty. Now I’ll say that most of you should be in jail for crimes that would send anyone else down for years yet your fraternal order of pigs protect you and when I see or find out about it I’ll call you out on it but for all decent police officers while I still may never like you I will however respect you and in these trying and worrying times for you and your family well

  8. "This city's afraid of me. I've seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters, and the gutters are full of blood, and when the drains finally scab over all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!" and I'll whisper "NO…"

    – Rorschach

    "I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message!"

  9. 11:20 Yeah!
    I've been pulled over for bullshit myself. The cops are the lap dogs of the 1% and the 1%ers KNOW where every dollar in the country is, and if I have ANY substantial amount of money (50 or more dollars) socked away, they will send their pet cops after me to take that money away, because if I have a lot of money saved up, the 1% figure I'm trying to pull myself out of my situation, and they aren't about to let that happen.
    But still, I don't hold a grudge against the cops. I'm not going to kill any of them over some bullshit speeding tickets. I don't hold a grudge against the cops, I hold a grudge against the 1%ers! The ones who sent the cops to take my money from me!

  10. Surrounding jurisdictions hired a bunch of APD officers and basically said fuck Atlanta. They also told their officers when there was a call for assistance, their chiefs told them you help APD and you will no longer be an officer here. The Atlanta Mayor and the Chicago Mayor are competing for biggest piece of shit of 2020

  11. When you say “I don’t mean the end of the world,” you could easily be wrong. A violent insurrection in the US, especially if it changes the power dynamic after the fact, could easily be the end of the world. We have a nuclear arsenal, and right thinking countries outside of America will insist we completely disarm. If we refuse to disarm, anything is on the table. We pretend this is impossible in the US, but it really isn’t.

    Ask yourself, how do we justify our demands when we insist that other countries disarm? Would the US be any different after significant civil unrest?

  12. Why do you keep saying "stole his weapon"? He stole his taser not his gun, but you don't make that distinction to sensationalize the story for $$$. That's why. Have some integrity dude.

  13. Ironically enough, that exact same DA that is charging for the death penalty, who claims that the tazer isn't a weapon worth shooting somebody over, LITERALLY said 2 weeks before, that a tazer "is a deadly weapon." I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all!" However, for Tim to say that Brooks was pointing a weapon at the cop and firing is factually inaccurate. Brooks grabbed the cop's tazer, and that's what he aimed at the cop, though he never pulled the trigger to fire it. He turned around, and aimed it at Chauvin's partner, so Chauvin shot him.

  14. I've always had trouble with the police. I've hated them for most of my life. Recently I find myself defending them. This blm bs has really destroyed our entire civilization. This isn't a war torn African country this is the U.S. the peace needs to be restored. I don't blame the police for not showing up and I'd quit if I was them, not because I hate them but for once in my life I feel bad for them

  15. When Trump becomes president again I hope he goes after all these fake media , and mayor's that let innocent people get killed because of the riots. Spreading false news , allowing criminals to burn down and attack citizens . They should all get charges and jailed