August 2022 Mortgage Stress: First Take

We update the latest from our models and surveys, which now includes the ABS Census data from last year.

Unfortunately mortgage and rental stress continue to track higher, thanks to higher interest rates and rising costs of living. Many household have large debt burdens.

The National Debt Helpline line on 1800 007 007 is an excellent place to go to get free advice.

National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit service that helps people tackle their debt problems. They are not a lender and they don’t ‘sell’ anything or make money from those in debt. Their professional financial counsellors offer a free, independent and confidential service.

They are simply there to help you get back households on track.

Beware of some of the other paid services which are found on the internet.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

Written by Walk The World


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  1. Hey Martin, Thanks for the video… One suggestion that would be helpful, perhaps when you are showing the chart of stress for each month maybe show the previous month or two for a few seconds first so we can pause the video and scroll forward and back to see the changes as they change overtime (or maybe even put them at the end of the video). I know you use the highlight colours to show whether its gone up or down, but I would love to be able to see by how much and be able to work out trendlines.


  2. I am amazed more people do not watch DFA, you can get millions to watch click bait rubbish but not something educational. Really enjoy your videos .tje number don't lie unless you are manipulating them as so many others do, to the detriment of the ignorant masses .

  3. From the careful explanation of your methodology at the start, I guess your stats are being challenged. Good! Hopefully, it means those who need to realise everything is not awsome (just because they say so) are paying more attention.
    Thank you for this service you give to our society. It's a much needed antidote to the spin peddled by politicians, their paymasters and the Pollyannas who enable them.

  4. Question, Is it true that when people come off there fixed mortgage rates and have to write a new contract, that the change in home prices going down, employment and stricter lending regulations. That most people will not be approved for a new home loan land forced to sell?

  5. Erm…I know you are going to bring in the census info. I want to make a confession. We have always been 'absent' on census night. Just something I do. Government dont give me any info so why should I.

  6. Pretty nice, I was attempting to do this for California – my numbers didn't come out too accurate, but the over all showcased not a good sign over there.

    I have noticed point cook has doubled in for sale volume – and melbourne apartment sales seem to have slowed right down – and many new very nice ( I assume owner occupier ) apartments are coming on the market – but are priced far above the average – and like always on the small side.

    I doubt there will be much sales and more price drops – Pretty cock sure of 4% now

    Might want to invest in a lay-by pig and turkey now to be ready for Christmas!
    Look after your selves and no matter how poor you get, always give a little charity to others.

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