August 3, 2022 – Your Questions About Immune Imprinting

August 3, 2022 – Your Questions About Immune Imprinting

Let’s understand the mechanism of immune imprinting, or antigenic imprinting, or original antigenic sin (OAS), or Hoskins effect. Or, in case of innnate arm reprogramming.

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  1. Boosters? If you are sick and on meds and over 65…… maybe?

    Otherwise, nope
    You CANT talk to your doctor. They are ignorant of all of this.
    My doctor did say that there's no real reason for kids to get vaccinated or anybody that has already had COVID with mild response.

  2. Another good discussion. My time zone makes live discussion tricky, so hope this hasn't already been covered.

    In the case of complete evasion of the imprinted b(t) cell response, in the normal b/t cell response to infection or vaccine wouldn't there be a proportion of abs which bind to other parts of the viral body other than the site allowing host cell entry. While not associated with viral entry into host cells as such, that these non-neutralising abs on the viral body would make it difficult for apc cells to do their job on a subsequently mutated epitope – by making it difficult for the innate immune cells to physically bind to the epitope – as I think you pointed out at one point in the earlier discussion – and the host's innate arm might not be able to mount a completely adequate response to this negative outcome of imprinting?

    I hope I've got that right.

  3. All I know is that many times any one is ill with any illness that is either "cold-like" or "flu-like , they get a positive covid test. What hapoened to the common cold or flu? Many of our friends th hat have had multiple doses of the vaccine– have been getting sick more frequently than ever!

  4. So Immune imprinting means:
    "Memory production and response based on the initial exposure to an original pathogen, – on re-exposure , to a new variant of the pathogen " ——- is the meaning of immune imprinting ??.

  5. Got my 2nd covid infection. Even bigger temperature than first time. Some things never change i guess. This is lab made virus no one can convince me otherwise. It is made to f us up in the head and even something more. Who tf knows. Anyway guys stay safe.

  6. Someone said about the Germany study on vaccine adverse events, if you do look in to it, can you clarify why death was left out And also neurological conditions?
    The study was for all events after vaccination regardless of linked cause so they should have been included.

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