August 4, 2020

John Paul Rice keeping it 1,000

I created a document referencing all open source materials mentioned in the viral video from Instagram RED-PILLING, AWAKENING, HEALING – The First Steps – Dark To Light

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  1. To anyone that is disgusted by this has to realise this is ALL DEMOCRATS, from the silencing of this video, to the deletion of 17,000 conservative channels and yes BLM….wake up the democrats hate you

  2. God bless and protect John Paul Rice. I have started praying for those who are sex trafficked and for the children who are abused. I have been hearing about this for some time, and I truly believe this is the MAIN reason why there has been such an assault on PDJT. He has been fighting relentlessly since Day 1 to stop this evil. The MSM refuses to cover much of the headway he has made. What is going on is a spiritual battle between good and evil.

  3. Hey PATRIOT! Im a DIGITAL SOLDIER who sends videos like yous to the following platforms gab, voat, fbook, twitter, parler, 8kun etc. Im going to post this everywhere!!! Thank you!! I will try and get this to POTUS' Twitter as well as as well as X22 Report Dave and Charles Ward…on youtube . WWG1WGA!! TRUMP 2024!!!!

  4. Thank you!!!! l just turned 73. Since 1992 l have worked with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse…..four continents…not a lot of people but similar horror stories. It's huge, world-wide, horrific. As one line in "All the President's Men" says: "Everyone is involved"….meaning it goes everywhere….all nations; all institutions. l will include you in my prayers.

  5. My son went missing at the mall while strapped into his stroller at the age of five. His mother and I were by his side when he literally disappeared. In my panic and not knowing what to do, I did the only thing I knew… I screamed "JESUS" at the top of my lungs. I didn't care what ANYONE thought of me. In that instance… HE told me to run to the exit. I ran so fast to the exit and went outside and saw my son standing at the curb with a woman waiting for a car. Their backs were to me but I knew it was him. I ran and grabbed him and she was shocked as to how I could have found her. She didn't know that the Lord had revealed HIS NAME to me! When I made eye contact with her I saw that she was an evil person. With all the rage in me, my flesh wanted to destroy her and God told me to take my son back to his mother whom was frantic. I took him back to his mother and she was so grateful when she saw that I had him. Get oil and anoint your children! Pray over them in the name of Jesus while they are asleep. Pray over them while they are awake so they KNOW they are protected. Pray over your spouse so that together you both help each other in their up bringing. I pray over this story so that God will open all who read this eyes to the truth. I pray a protection over this country, I pray a protection over this country's leaders and I pray a great awakening to all who see what is going on in these times. So that you can know the truth!
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Ephesians 6:12

  6. Saló is a movie made by Pier Paolo Passolini in 1975. The movie shows upper class people using boys and girls to satisfy sexual obscenities, perversion, and murder. The movie premiered at the Paris Film Festival on 23 November 1975, three weeks following Pasolini's death.

  7. You are Awesome Patriot. I'm a digital Warrior That will be pushing this video. Also subscribed. You should do more videos, you have a great voice for it, and the passion to follow. Keep up the great work:) WWG1WGA

  8. I believe every word he says. May he be safe from harm ?❤ I was abused by my father through my childhood – physical and verbal violence and sexual touching during night visits – and he has also tried abusing my beautiful little daughter. I left his house and he hasn't seen her since. My extended family believes him, when he tells them that I am crazy. This breaks my heart as I love my family. I you have a second, please send me a virtual hug and some good vibrations. Luckily, I have two small amazing, beautiful, loving children whom I love unconditionally and whom I will always protect from harmful people ❤. Let's all protect our children all over the world, regardless of race, color, religion, nationality etc. #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide #saveourchildren #SaveTheChildren

  9. EVERY LIVE MATTERS (Child, Black, White, blue…), we cannot act like nothing is happening, don't get distracted with stupid news on the TV.
    We will achieve a New World without suffering or people like Epstein, we're in a century with several changes.

  10. Esta debe ser la agenda que una a todas la personas : No BLM sino KLM : Kids Live Matter. Como se ve que los famosos solamente quieren quedar bien y por eso apoyan BLM y no hablan nada de estas aberraciones ya que son complices de ellas.

  11. I started to see how sick and evil that had infiltrated the Music industry and Hollywood Films, quite a few years ago. Most now just think its all normal. I knew if you became famous in Hollywood, or the music industry you paid a big price.

  12. I would have never believed this was going on. This is worse than horrible. How can anyone hurt a child? I just don't understand people and the evil of the world. It's like a monster movie. A nightmare. A world with evil monsters devil's and demons all around us. It's horrible.

  13. Realuus you shouldn't put this guy in your trump bag, he said it's happening on both sides so guess who would know, they are good friends with the people who own Hollywood. To be fair if this was Democrat site I would hope someone would say the same because this should a bigger issue than either side. Our kids!