Aussie Politician Rages Against COVID Bureaucracy

Australian Senator Alex Antic gave a speech recently that caught the Internet’s attention as he railed against the ongoing undermining of personal liberties in the form of COVID restrictions, the abandonment of the people by government and the growing bureaucracy that seeks to secure its own power and funding at the expense of the constituents its ostensibly supposed to serve.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss both Antic’s speech and the meaning of the word “antics.”

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  1. The Liberal Party is Australia’s version of the U.S. Republican Party. Economic Liberalisation, NOT social liberalism.

    Right wing neoliberal corporatist warmongering (especially against China), is all that the Australian Liberal & National Party coalition stands for.

    The Liberal Party is no longer a centre-right political party, but have morphed more & more into an extreme far right political party, that ONLY serves the large multinational corporations.

    This speech about “freedom” was only a virtue signal, to the centrists in the Liberal & National parties.

  2. "To drain the Billabong" is the Aussie reference to draining the swamp. Too right, this guy represents the Liberal Party, or in a sense your Republican Party well sort of.

  3. A billabong is a water catchment usually on farms used to water crops. Looks like a swamp. I live in Melbourne and this guy is speaking facts. This place went COVID crazy. Totally insane.

  4. How strange iv never heard of him n live in Australia. Not hard to see why I never heard of him but. And billabong is what they call a watering hole. Swam pond in the outback

  5. Billabong is an Australian term for an oxbow lake, an isolated pond left behind after a river changes course. As a small lake, they are often full or murky or stagnant water and no one goes into the water. 'Drain the billabong' means the same as 'drain the swamp'.

  6. "In the entire history of mankind there has never been a bureaucracy which is sincerely and genuinely concerned about people"

    Except for Marcus Aurelius.

  7. SEEING self professed Democrats in 2022 DEMAND citizens FOLLOW without question AUthoritarism over reach while demanding forcing experimental drugs on citizens while cheering on Ukrainian Nazis & the domestic terrorist group The FBI is utterly heartbreaking.
    DEMOCRATS today have become nothing more than emotional irrational parroting sheep of the establishment.

  8. After they screw everybody over, they prop up people like this to make you believe everything is ok now, that the truth is front and center again. We are being played, they are giving us now what most of us knew all along. This is a COVER UP, as if it was just a mistake and we know that now. This is a ruse to make us all feel better now. They knew that it didn't work before it ever hit the market and destroyed people's lives and livelihoods.

  9. Thanks! JIMMY for telling us the truth. I keep telling so called democrats to watch you. I was never vexed and I only had covid once and that was April of 21. Haven't been sick since. It was more like a sinus infection.

    I think what the guy said was Drain The Australian Swamp like we need to do that here in America but Trump was stopped from doing it.

  10. The big story in Australia right now is how our then prime minister secretly had himself sworn in as multiple ministers. Fortunately he’s being dragged through the coals now.

  11. Hey Jimmy, I think your perception of universal government healthcare is free healthcare, it's not. I'm an expat from Maine and I'm here to tell you that GST and payroll taxes are absolutely ridiculous. No matter what system you have your going to pay one way or the other. Cheers matey🇦🇺

  12. People stopped questioning authority because of Trump? Holy shit, you must of just smoked a seed.
    Everyday Trump had every aspect of his authority questioned and ignored.

  13. Another thing, it’s BECAUSE of President Trump that the west is waking up and questioning authority. He is a fighter and by example he has taught people to fight for their rights and not bow down to authoritarian government.
    Jimmy needs to acknowledge that people all over the world want President Trump back in office. Because when he was in office the world was safer

  14. Jimmy, the US healthcare is one of the worst in terms of affordability for outcome of any system in the world

    Australia has universal healthcare but only for essential things. If you want elective surgery, you need to pay for it usually through private healthcare cover

    The US decided years ago to give the function of cost containment to the insurance companies and this has turned out to be a disaster, with the private insurance companies dictating cost and cover

    In Australia they decided the government would administer cost, so they have the scheduled fee which is what the government will pay for various healthcare items but the doctor can charge higher if they want and the patient will cover the difference (usually via their healthcare fund or themselves)

    Australia also has a system called the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme), that is the system where medicines on that are deemed essential and therefore subsidized by the government, Australia also allows generic medicines to be offered to patients where a different medicine exists, this is to stop lock-in my doctors pushing certain pharmaceutical options via kickbacks

    The system is much much cheaper than the US – you need to do some research before just laughing at Australia's medical system, In Australia you don't see an underclass of people not having medical care like you do in the US

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