Aussies hit Melbourne streets to protest COVID vaccination mandate

The anti-COVID-curbs movement shows no sign of abating in Australia. THOUSANDS took to the streets of Melbourne for a new round of protest against mandatory COVID vaccination, and massive demonstrations were also held in a number of cities across the country, such as in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, and others.

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Written by RT


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  1. A peaceful protest and a show of will to Dictator Dan and the rest of the political sewerage. Melbourne made history today! Thanks RT for showing more real footage to the world than Australia's own lying main stream media.

  2. Whether you're vaccinated with the current vaccines on offer
    OR NOT
    you STILL CAN CATCH AND SPREAD THE VIRUS as we see it happening all over the globe.
    the mandates are FASCISM, that is, CAPITALISM IS NOW THE GOV'T
    and it will LEAD US INTO THE DARKNESS OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION, 2115AD at the latest.
    So much and All For A Buck.

  3. Start knocking on every door that pushes this. Knock at night, knock during the day. The grocery store owner, the parliament, the officers homes. Let them hear the knock. The knock of the people. Surround them in silence. Don’t speak a word. Just fix a gaze upon them & knock.

  4. JUST WAITING WITH INTEREST WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THEY TRY PUSHING THESE MANDATES THROUGH, MAYBE POLITICIANS SHOULD LOOK UP THE STORY OF THE HORSE AND WATER?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. These marches will only get bigger and more aggressive as time goes on, the government is really playing with fire trying to keep its citizens under constant lock and key.
    Violence begets violence, holding people hostage in their own homes is a exercise in extreme violence. I beg/implore the government to step back before they completely lose legitimacy.

  6. How many of them have tin-foil hats on? – not many. How many are vaxxed already and may support the Nuremberg principles around informed consent? Quite a few I'd think.

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