Australia ‘absolutely stupidly’ went on a lending spree to mortgage holders

The Australian’s Robert Gottliebsen says Australia has a unique economic problem in that the Australian government “went on a lending spree to mortgage holders”.

“Absolutely stupidly, we went on a lending spree to mortgage holders in 2020 and 2021,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“About 30 per cent of our total mortgage book was issued in those two years at very low interest rates.

“Those people are mainly on flexible rates and even the ones on fixed rates, they’re short-term fixed rates and they’re going to cop it in the neck very very hard.”


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  1. We have got to stop people spending?
    What a load of BS.
    Basic cost of living is consuming the entire wage.
    My wage only covers the mortgage, the car payment and the insurance, nothing else.
    There is no spending to Cut.

  2. An I for an I. A tooth for a tooth.
    You 🔥burn my flag.
    I 🔥burn your f…..en flag.
    Non indigenous Australians do not have to cop the disrespect displayed by indigenous protesters on mourning day for Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.
    Indigenous protesters should be very careful from hereon.
    Non indigenous Australians are very capable of hitting back on the aboriginal indigenous flag.
    Disrespect invokes disrespect.

  3. Do we still trust the experts hahahahah debt free all cash . Im going to buy a fleet of seadoos that you lot can no longer afford I'll sell them back later for double to your greedy arses when the time comes chad loves seadoo

  4. If in deed 30% of mortgages were lent in the last 2 years, no reason to doubt that statistic, then a significant number of Australians are going to learn a VERY hard lesson. Not a speck of sympathy for property speculators. But do feel for naive genuine first home buyers. They have basically been thrown under the bus by government and its institutions i.e. the Reserve Bank.

  5. Its going to take at least 2 years for US inflation to come any down. People are earning huge. Rates will go above 10%. Australia will be helpless here in this rate rises. Australia has no control over rate rises, US dictates these things. Poor US dependent countries.

  6. To the people that tune-In to these HORRIBLE HUMANS. Have a good look at then and you will notice that they are very unhappy. Im thinking because they love to HATE. So while they are Happy to HATE they want you to too. But I ask is this really you and if you have fallen in to their trap. Is it making you feel that good? Surly you can see that these HORRIBLE HUMANS aren’t worth your time? LOVE from ME to YOU. 🐸

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